Logitech 961-000289 Indoor Add-On Security Camera

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Logitech 961-000289 Indoor Add-On Security Camera

The Logitech® Indoor Add-On Security Camera enhances the power and reach of your Video Security Master System so you can easily monitor your home or business.*

Sleek, yet unobtrusive, the Indoor Camera fits seamlessly with your home décor.

Add up to five additional cameras to monitor and protect your entire property. Using innovative HomePlug™ technology, the Logitech® Indoor Add-On Security Camera transmits encrypted video over existing electrical wires straight to your PC.

Easy setup gets you up and running fast.
* Instant viewing: After setting up your Master System (sold separately) and installing the Logitech® Command Center PC software, simply plug in your Add-On Camera. It's ready to go.
* No-hassle setup: No new wires to run. No network configuration.

See live footage or store it for later replay.
* Automatic video storage: Intelligent camera detects motion, recording video directly to your PC's hard drive for easy playback and archiving.
* Powerful search and playback tools: Review stored video footage from prior hours, days, or weeks.
* Intuitive Windows interface: Easily navigate and set your preferences.
* Motion-activated cell-phone and e-mail alerts: Quickly update you when you're on the go.
* Expandable system: Monitor video for up to six cameras simultaneously.

Two viewing options when you're on the go.
* Free remote viewing via the Internet: View live video from your WiLife account—anywhere, anytime.
* Windows Mobile® cell phone accessible: Check on your home or business even when you're on the go.

Mix-and-match versatility.
* Expandable for maximum coverage: Add up to five additional Logitech® Indoor, Outdoor, or Spy Add-On Cameras in any combination to any Logitech® Master System.
* Multiple indoor-mounting options: Attach to a window (facing in or out), place on a desktop, or mount to a wall for optimum positioning.
* Attractive design: Camera seamlessly fits in with home and office furniture.

Technical Specifications

o Processing Power: 400 MHz DSP
o Image Encoding: Windows® Media Video 9
o Image Processing: Motion detection up to 16 zones, Auto brightness
o Resolution: Selectable: 640 x 480 pixels or 320 x 240 pixels
o Frame Rate: Selectable: 15, 10, or 5 frames/second
o Bit Rate: Selectable
o Color Depth: 10 bits
o Illumination: 2 lx minimum per IEC 61146-1

o Focus: User-adjustable
o Viewing Angle: 80° (diagonal) 50° (manual)
o Firmware Updates: Selectable: Manual or Automatic