Panasonic WV-CL920A Fixed Color Camera

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-29
Panasonic WV-CL920A Fixed Color Camera

The WV-CL920A Series combines a near-infrared CCD with a new digital signal processor (DSP). Switching automatically from color mode during the day to B/W mode at night, these cameras are ideal for 24-hour surveillance. When equipped with an F1.4 lens, they deliver clear images in light s low as 0.14 lx (0.014 fx) in color mode and as low as 0.01 lx (0.001 fc) in B/W mode. With electronic enhancement, sensitivity is up to 32 times greater than that of standard cameras. When combined with a near-infrared light source, these cameras can also be used for near-infrared (B/W) surveillance in settings with no visible light. Horizontal resolution is 480 lines in color mode, 570 lines in black and white. Man advanced features are included in the WV-CL920A including, a high-speed electronic shutter, character display, and an easy to connect alarm output terminal for use with remote sensors or other surveillance equipment.

•  1/2" type interline transfer CCD w/infrared sensitivity
•  Switches from selected color mode to B/W mode, automatically or manually
•  Super sensitivity of 0.14 lux (0.014 fc) at F1.4 in color mode and 0.01 lux (0.001 fx) in B/W mode
•  480-line horizontal resolution in color mode, and 570-line in B/W mode.
•  ELC function enables the use of fixed iris lens for indoor applications.
•  Built-in digital motion detector
•  Electronic shutter from 1/60 to 1/10,000 seconds
•  VD2 sync capability with Panasonic system products
•  Built-in 16 alphanumeric character display

Chip Size   1/2"
Type   Color / Black and White
Mechanism   Fixed
Connectivity   Analog
Resolution   480 lines horizontal (color mode) / 570 lines horizontal (B/W mode)
Minimum Illumination   0.14 lux (0.014 fc) at F1.4 (Color Mode); 0.01 lux (0.001 fc) at F1.4 (B/W Mode)
Signal to Noise Ratio   50 db
Power   120V AC
Dimensions (H x W x D)   2.5625'' x 2.9375'' x 4.75''
Weight   .99 lbs