Panasonic WV-CL934 Day/Night Camera

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Panasonic WV-CL934 Day/Night Camera

The WV-CL934 camera features Auto Back Focus (ABF), which re-adjusts the back focus when switching from color to B/W, ensuring optimal picture quality and reducing post-installation adjustments. High sensitivity Day/Night offers detailed images in light as low as 0.09 lux in color, and 0.008 lux in B/W. With both Video Motion Detection including sensitivity step and scene change detection to alert if the camera has been tampered with, the WV-CL934 delivers enhanced functionality and helps maintain the highest levels of security. Power = 24V AC or 12V DC. Lens is optional.


Chip Size: 1/2"
Type: Day/Night
Mechanism: Fixed
Minimum Illumination: 0.09 lux color, 0.008 B/W
Advanced Technology: Auto Back Focus (ABF)
Signal to Noise Ratio: 50 dB
Power: 24V AC / 12V DC
Lens: optional

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