Panasonic WV-CP484 Fixed Color Camera

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-29
Panasonic WV-CP484 Fixed Color Camera

Panasonic introduces the WV-CP480 series Super Dynamic III Plus cameras, equipped with Auto Back Focus (ABF). When these cameras switch from color to B/W mode, the cameras automatically make micron-order adjustments in CCD position to achieve precise back focus. The new Auto Back Focus (ABF) technology ensures delivery of clear, sharp, perfectly focused image 24-hours ad day, automatically.

•  1/3" Double Speed CCD Color Image Sensor
•  Switches from Selected Color Mode to B/W Mode
•  Digital Motion Detector
•  16-Alphanumberic Character Display
•  Gen-lock Capability for Large System Applications
•  VD2 Sync Capability with Panasonic System Products
•  Signal to Noise Ratio of 50db
•  24VAC, 60Hz / 12V DC, 410mA

Chip Size   1/3"
Type   Color / Black and White
Mechanism   Fixed
Connectivity   Analog
Resolution   540 lines horizontal (color mode) / 570 lines horizontal (B/W mode)
Minimum Illumination   0.5 lux (0.05 fc)at F1.2 (Color Mode); 0.06 lux (0.006fc) at F1.2 (B/W Mode)
Advanced Technology   Super Dynamic III
Signal to Noise Ratio   50 db
Power   24V AC 60Hz / 12V DC
Dimensions (H x W x D)   2.5625'' x 2.625'' x 3.9375''
Weight   .9 lbs