Panasonic WV-CW474AFTP Camera Package

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-29
Panasonic WV-CW474AFTP Camera Package

The Easy to Install, Vandal Proof, Weather Proof, Camera Solution

•  Full Color Images at 0.8 Lux and Black & White Images at 0.1 Lux

•  480 Lines HOrizontal Resolution in Color Mode and 570 Lines Horizontal Resolution in Black & White Mode

•  2x Variable-Focal Lens

•  Standard Lens Connector for Interchangeability

•  Digital Motion Detector

•  Optional Heater/Blower Unit

•  Properietary 3-D Hinge Makes Adjustments Easy

•  Easily Installs in an Existing Electronic Junction Box

Chip Size   1/3"
Type   Color and B/W
Mechanism   Fixed
Connectivity   Analog
Structure   Vandal proof
Resolution   510 lines (C/L mode ((high))), 480 lines (C/L mode ((normal)), 570 lines (B/W mode)
Minimum Illumination   At F1.4 Wide:
2.0lux (0.2fc) at color imaging mode
0.2lux (0.02 fc) at B/W mode
0.8lux (0.08 fc) at color image mode, with optional dome cover
0.1lux (0.01 fc) at B/W mode, with optional dome cover
Lens   2x variable focal
Advanced Technology   Super Dynamic II
Signal to Noise Ratio   50dB
Power   24V AC, 60Hz / 12V DC
Dimensions (H x W)   5.25'' x 6''
Weight   2.2 lbs