Panasonic WV-NP304 Megapixel Day/Night Network Camera

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Panasonic WV-NP304 Megapixel Day/Night Network Camera

The i-Pro WV-NP304 megapixel network camera features a 1280 x 960 megapixel image sensor with MPEG-4/JPEG digital output at a VGA image size up to 30 ips and with dual streaming capabilities. The camera?s impressive Day/Night performance is accentuated by user-selectable light control features that assure the best image clarity in changing lighting conditions and/or different camera locations. Other performance features include: PoE, built-in video motion detection (VMD); progressive output for clear moving images; Adaptive Black Stretch (ABS) to enhance the visibility of dark areas without compromising the bright area in the same scene; RGB filter for superior color reproduction; focus assist with on-screen focus adjustment for optimal focus; and SD memory card slot for backup recording due to network failure. The WV-NP304 is designed for easy installation with an analog monitor output for quick verification of camera adjustments.


Chip Size: 1/3"
Type: Simple Day/Night
Mechanism: Fixed
Minimum Illumination: 1.5 lux color, 0.9 lux B/W
Lens: optional
Power: PoE, 12V DC
Weight: 1.03 lbs (470 g)
Dimensions: 2 13/16" x 2 11/16" x 6 ¼? H (72 x 68 x 158mm)

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