Panasonic WV-NP472 Network Camera

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-29
Panasonic WV-NP472 Network Camera

The WV-NP472 directly connects to either digital or analog devices. Simply set an IP address and connect it to an Ethernet terminal for monitoring and control from a personal computer. Or use the analog video out to connect to a conventional monitoring system using coaxial cable.

The WV-NP472 camera utilizes Panasonic's Super Dynamic II function to capture natural images at entryways, near windows, and in other locations with harsh contrasts between light and dark. It automatically stores images in response to inputs from motion detectors and external sensor alarms and can send images automatically as e-mail attachments. In addition, this color camera can also control external devices, turning on lighting or starting a surveillance recorder. It operates with only 0.8 lx (0.08 fc) of available light in color mode and a mere 0.1 Lx (0.01 fc) in black and white. Its Day/Night switching function automatically switches to black-and-white recording when available light is low. Thus, this single security camera can deliver 24-hour surveillance.

The WV-NP472 is designed for monitoring over a WAN or over the Internet. Its sophisticated surveillance functions make this the network security camera of choice for a wide range of settings, including banks, office buildings, and franchise outlets.

•  1/3"-Type Double Speed CCD Color Image Sensor

•  Built-In Network Interface (10Base-T/100Base-TX) for Remote Monitoring by PC

•  Interface Protocol; TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, DNS and DHCP

•  Switches from Selected Color Mode to B/W Mode Automatically or Manually, for 24-Hour Monitoring

•  Built-In Super Dynamic II Function has 64 Times Wider Dynamic Range When Compared to a Convential Camera

•  Sensitivity of 0.8 Lux in Color Mode and 0.1 Lux in B/W Mode at F1.4

•  480-Line Horizontal Resolution in Color Mode and 570 Lines in B/W Mode

•  Built-In Alarm Funiction for External Security Devices and FTP Alarm Activation

•  Built-In Digital Motion Detector

•  VD2 Sync Capability with Panasonic System Products

•  Accepts DC 12V Power Source for Easy Installation