Panasonic WV-NS324 Network Camera

Panasonic Updated: 2007-06-29
Panasonic WV-NS324 Network Camera

The Panasonic WV-NS324 can be connected to both analog and digital networks. Color camera, zoom lens, pan and tilt mechanisms are all combined in a single compact unit. When this camera is connected to an Ethernet network, you can operate it and monitor its images from a personal computer. Or, you can use it with an analog color composite signal as part of your existing surveillance system using coaxial cable. With input from a motion detector or external sensor, it can automatically store images and attach them to e-mail or control external devices to turn on lights or start surveillance recording. Combining a 10x zoom lens with 5x digital zoom, it can zoom in for up to 50x close-ups. It operates in lighting as low as 1.0 lx (0.1fc) and can pan a full 360 degrees. The Flip-A-Chip feature makes it easy to capture subjects passing directly below the camera, the image-hold feature prevents blurring when the camera moves, and pre-set positions simplify operation.

Superb specifications and a host of convenient features make the WV-NS324 ideal for a bank branch, franchise outlet or other network surveillance applications.

•  Compact Dome, All-In-One Unit, Color Surveillance Camera
•  Analog Video Output and Digital Ethernet Port are Available
•  Built-In Network Interface (10Base-T/100Base-TX) for Remote Monitoring by PC
•  Built-In Alarm Function for External Security Devices and FTP Alarm Activation
•  1/4 - type CCD Color Image Sensor with 768H x 494V Pixels
•  480 Lines of Horizontal Resolution
•  Minimum Illumination of 1.0 Lux (at AGC High)
•  Built-In Flip-A-Chip Function
•  360 Degree Endless Panning Range
•  10X Optical Zoom (4.2 - 42mm at F1.4) plus 5X Electronic Digital Zoom Lens Provided (total zoom capacity of 50X)
•  Auto Focus Lens Mechanism
•  Alarm Input/Output Terminal Connectors
•  Digital Signal Processing LSI's for High Quality Pictures
•  Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2) Sync Capability with Panasonic Systems Products
•  AC 24V Power Supply for Easy Installation

Chip Size   1/4"
Type   Color
Mechanism   P-T-Z
Connectivity   Hybrid (IP and Analog)
Resolution   >480 lines (at center)
Minimum Illumination   1.0 lux (0.1fc) at F1.4
Lens   Electronic zoom
Signal to Noise Ratio   50dB
Power   24V AC, 60Hz
Dimensions (H x W)   7.6875'' x 4.75''
Weight   4.4 lbs