Sanyo VCC-HD4000 HD Network Camera

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Sanyo VCC-HD4000 HD Network Camera

Only SANYO has a camera that offers 30 IPS smooth video in 1080p full HD (as of August 2008).
SANYO's expertise in video camera has brought the 30 IPS full HD video to the security world. The whole new level of finesse makes it possible to capture small objects that could have been overlooked in the past.

4 megapixels resolution
In conventional video systems, the resolution of 720x480p (D1) limited the range covered by one camera, requiring multiple numbers of cameras for wider coverage. With the VCC-HD4000, the picture quality is equivalent to that of full high definition TV of 2288 x1712 pixels (4M) and makes it possible to increase the coverage without sacrificing quality.

Because advanced codec of H.264 has high compression technology compared with JPEG.
Our H.264 codec can save about 1/10 size. Compare with JPEG*. *Under the same setting. Low band width gives possibility to increase the size of the recording area or length of the recording.

Comes with a 10x optical zoom lens supporting 4 megapixels CMOS.
The camera has a built-in optical zoom lens that matches the resolution of a 4 megapixels CMOS. This offers the capability to zoom in to a subject without losing details. In addition, the high resolution makes it possible to further enlarge the picture with the combined use of a digital zoom function and still maintain excellent picture quality. The combination of optical and digital zooming offers maximum zooming of 160x.

High definition, high performance AF optical 10x lens.
An AF zoom lens supporting megapixel CMOS is a standard feature of the camera. It eliminates cumbersome focus adjustment at the time of installation and makes it possible to save time and cost. All lenses are fine tuned at the SANYO factory and offer a distortion-free picture all the way to the edges of the screen.

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