Sanyo VSP-8000 Digital & Analog System Controller

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-18
Sanyo VSP-8000 Digital & Analog System Controller

This product is to be connected to the RS-485 control terminal of Sanyo multiplexers, timelapse VCRs, cameras and digital video recorders. It can operate a maximum of 128 of each device, to a maximum of 256 devices in total. Up to a maximum of five VSP-8000s can be connected together.

Individual operation by addresses

You can operate individual devices by specifying their address and using the command buttons or call-up commands of the VSP-8000.

When you set the address for a device, you can also give it a title.

The status of each device can be displayed on the menu screen of the VSP-8000.

Group operation

The VSP-8000 allows the setting of up to 15 groups. This enables the simultaneous operation of all the devices registered together in one group.

In addition to simultaneous operation of all devices in a group, simultaneous operation of a category of devices is possible by specifying either multiplexers, timelapse VCRs, cameras or digital video recorders.

By logging the same peripheral device in multiple groups, the same operation can be performed at the same time.

If an alarm is tripped or the operating status of a device changes, the alarm or status lamp on the VSP-8000 will start flashing. The date, time, and status at the time of the event are logged individually up to maximum of 100 events.

Security features

A secret number can be set as a security lock for each device.

Set one VSP-8000 as the master controller for setting the simple lock for each device on the system. Also, if you use the timer setting on the VSP-8000, you can have the timer lock activate at set time periods.

By issuing commands with the VSP-8000, you can activate the security locks for each device. Therefore, you can lock the operations of any device on the system.

Upload/Download menu settings*
You can upload menu data from the specified device to the VSP-8000, and download it collectively to other devices.

Transfer date/time information*
You can download to a device that will use the data for the date/time specified with the VSP-8000 and specify a date/time collectively.

Alarm buzzer

The controller will sound a built-in buzzer when certain conditions arise, such as a triggered alarm for a connected device or a change of operational status in a connected device.

RS232C - RS485 conversion

Connection of a computer to this unit's RS232C port will enable the computer to control other connected devices through this controller.

Protocol information necessary for computer communications with this unit is available separately from Sanyo, but the customer is responsible to develop his own communications software.