Sony SNCCS20 Fixed IP Camera

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Sony SNCCS20 Fixed IP Camera

The SNC-CS20 is a progressive scan camera that incorporates ExwavePRO technology for excellent sensitivity. The SNC-CS20 is similar in size to CCTV cameras, system integrators will appreciate the fact that it can be installed in camera housing.


* 1/4 type Progressive Scan CCD with ExwavePRO Technology
* Compact and Slim - Fits Camera Housing for easy installation


1/4-type Progressive Scan CCD with ExwavePROTechnology: The SNC-CS20 camera inherits the technical advantages of Sony ExwaveHAD (TM) technology, while incorporating advanced progressive scanning and complementary color filters to provide extremely high sensitivity levels and clear and crisp images in both day and night environments.
Selectable Compression Formats: MPEG-4 and JPEG
High Frame Rate of 30 fps at 640 × 480/768 × 576
Ten Preset JPEG Picture-quality Settings With Constant Bitrate Algorithm
Variable Gamma Settings for High-contrast Images: Six preset gamma curves.
Compact and Slim: Design inherited from CCTV cameras. Fits 8-inch camera housings.
DC Servo IR Auto Iris Lens Capability: Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
Slow Shutter Mode
Dual-encoding Capability (MPEG-4/JPEG)
Day/Night Function
Bi-directional Audio
DEPA-enabled — Intelligent Video Analytics: Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD)
Sensor In/Alarm Out Ports
IEEE802.1X Compliant
Analog Video Output: Ideal for use when adjusting the camera viewing angle during installation.
Variety of Power Options: AC 24 V, DC 12 V, or PoE (Power over Ethernet)

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