Sony SNCDF85N Ruggedized Minidome IP Camera

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Sony SNCDF85N Ruggedized Minidome IP Camera

The SNC-DF85 is a ruggedized network mini-dome camera with Day/Night function, incorporating a 1/3-type CCD. DynaView technology dramatically improves the dynamic range, which results in clear image reproduction, even in extreme high-contrast environments.


* 1/3-type CCD
* Minidome model with DEPA intelligent video analytics
* Vandal and weather resistant
* Wide Dynamic Range With DynaView Technology
* Day/Night function
* Minimum Illumination of 0.7 lx in color and 0.15 lx in B/W (50IRE, F1.3, AGC ON)
* DFI (Dynamic Frame Integration)
* JPEG Picture Quality Settings
* Wall or Ceiling Mountable/Easy Viewing Angle Adjustment
* Powerful 3.6x Zoom. Vari-focal lens
* Selectable JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 Compression Formats
* Dual-encoding Capability
* Bi-directional Audio
* Voice Alert
* Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD)
* Intelligent Object Detection (IOD)
* Sensor IN/Alarm Out Ports
* Pre/Post Alarm Image Storage
* Supports IEEE802.1X port-based network access control
* Analog Composite Video Output
* Date/Time Superimposition
* Privacy Zone Masking
* 24 V AC, 12 V DC, or PoE Operation
* Simultaneous Access for up to 20 users
* Multicasting Capability


Wide Dynamic Range With DynaView Technology: DynaView technology, which dramatically improve camera dynamic range by 128 times when compared to conventional cameras. This results in clear image reproduction, even in extreme high-contrast environments
Day/Night Function: The SNC-DF85N can switch from day mode (color) to night mode (b/w) by replacing it's infrared cut filter with a clear filter
Dynamic Frame Integration: Dynamic Frame Integration reproduces clear images that contain both still and moving objects
JPEG Picture Quality Settings With Constant Bitrate Algorithm: Users can preset the JPEG picture quality for these cameras from a choice of 10 levels. In addition, because these cameras incorporate a constant bit-rate algorithm, they can limit the data bitrate while still maintaining high quality images
Wall- or Ceiling-mountable/Easy Viewing-angle Adjustment: The SNC-DF85N can be easily wall or ceiling mounted. Furthermore, because they are equipped with an analog composite output, the camera image can be monitored locally while the viewing angle is adjusted during installation
Powerful 3.6x Zoom, Vari-focal Lens: It covers an extremely wide range of viewing angles from 100.8° (wide-angle) to 27.7° (telephoto). This feature provides great installation flexibility for a number of different applications and locations
Ball-Joint Lens Mount Technology: With the Sony patented Ball-Joint Lens Mount mechanism incorporated into the vari-focal lens of these cameras, the lens can be rotated freely in any direction
Ruggedized Design: The vandal resistant SNC-DF85N are housed in a heavy duty aluminum die-cast enclosure with an impact resistant polycarbonate dome
Selectable JPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 Compression Formats: These multi-codec cameras support three compression formats. JPEG/MPEG-4/H.264
Bi-directional Audio: Users can connect to an external microphone to these cameras in order to pick up audio from a preferred location. They are also equipped with an active speaker
Intelligent Motion Detection (IMD): The built in IMD functions of this camera can trigger a variety of actions such as the storage and transfer of images or the activation of an external device
Intelligent Object Detection (IOD): The SNC-DF85N can detect objects that have been abandoned or become stationary for a specified duration within up to four designated detection areas
Sensor IN/Alarm OUT Ports: The SNC-DF85N is equipped with a sensor input, these cameras can receive triggers from external sensors
Pre-/Post-alarm Image Storage: The SNC-DF85N is capable of storing both pre and post alarm images on 16MB of built in memory or on removable storage media
IEEE802.1X Compliant: The SNC-DF85N camera supports IEEE802.1 X port based access control
Analog Composite Video Output: The SNC-DF85N can output an analog composite video signal via the BNC connector
Date/Time Superimposition: The date and time and images recorded can be superimposed on the video while it is being monitored and recorded
File Export to Removable Media: The SNC-DF85N are equipped with a CompactFlash card slot
Privacy Zone Masking: This camera masks up to seven unwanted prohibited areas within an image for privacy protection
Simultaneous Access for up to 20 Users: Multicasting capability

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