Sony SSCCD79 Next Generation Fixed Mini Dome Camera

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Sony SSCCD79 Next Generation Fixed Mini Dome Camera

The SSC-CD79 is a vandal-resistant mini-dome camera designed for either indoor or outdoor use. The camera incorporates DynaView technology, providing clear images even in extreme high-contrast environment.


Wide Dynamic Range With DynaView Technology: The SSC-CD79 incorporates DynaView technology, which dramatically improves the camera's dynamic range by 128 times when compared to conventional cameras. This results in clear image reproduction, even in extreme high-contrast environments. The camera captures the same image twice - first with a normal shutter speed, and then with a high shutter speed. The dark areas captured at normal shutter speed and the bright areas captured at high shutter speed are then combined into one image using an advanced DSP LSI. Additionally, as these high-contrast scenes may have different lighting conditions, two white balance circuits are employed - one for normal shutter speed and the other for high shutter speed. This advanced technique reproduces high-contrast images with proper color.

Powerful 3.6x Zoom, Vari-focal Lens: The camera comes equipped with a 3.6x zoom, vari-focal lens that covers an extremely wide range of viewing angles from 100.8°(wide-angle) to 27.7°(telephoto). This feature provides installation flexibility for a number of different applications and locations.

Wall- or Ceiling-mountable/Easy Viewing-angle Adjustment: The camera can be easily wall- or ceiling-mounted,* for installation flexibility. Also, in addition to the BNC video output on the rear of the camera, a secondary video output (RCA phono jack) is provided on the front of the camera. This allows installers to monitor images during installation for accurate and quick adjustment of the focus and viewing-angle. * Supplied bracket is required when the camera is wall- or ceiling-mounted.

Ball-Joint Lens Mount Technology: With the Sony patented Ball-Joint Lens Mount mechanism incorporated into the vari-focal lens of the camera, the lens can be rotated freely in any direction. Unlike conventional cameras, it takes only one action to adjust the pan and tilt angles, allowing for quick and easy adjustment of the camera's viewing angle during installation.

Ruggedized Design: The vandal-resistant SSC-CD79 camera is housed in a heavy-duty, aluminum die-cast enclosure with an impact-resistant polycarbonate dome. The camera comply with the IP66* standard, for protection against water and dust. * Ingress Protection (IP) standard is a system for numerically classifying the degree of protection provided by enclosures of electrical equipment against solid objects and liquids. IP66 means there is no ingress of dust and the equipment is protected against powerful water jets.

Day/Night Function: The SSC-CD79 camera can switch from day mode (color) to night mode (B/W) by replacing its infrared-cut filter with a clear filter. Based on user presets, the camera can toggle between day mode and night mode using an external sensor or automatically in response to surrounding light conditions. The camera can simultaneously switch to night mode and provide a trigger for near-IR illuminators via its external control port, allowing it to operate even in zero lx* conditions. Zero lx means the absence of visible light to the naked eye. IR illuminators are required to operate at zero lx.

Automatic Gain Control (AGC): The camera is equipped with an advanced AGC function. This automatically boosts the camera gain up to 24 dB, allowing operators monitoring the image to distinguish the subject more easily in low light conditions.

Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW)/ATW Pro: ATW is a feature that automatically adjusts the camera's white balance to adapt to changing light conditions. With ATW, the camera can compensate for a color temperature range of between 2,000 K and 10,000 K, allowing for operation under a variety of lighting conditions, including special light sources such as a sodium vapor lamp. When operating under natural light, incandescent lamps, or fluorescent light sources, ATW Pro - which compensates for a color temperature range of between 2,500 K and 6,000 K - is ideal for reproducing color images closer to what we see with our eyes.

AC Line Lock/Internal Line Lock: These cameras feature both an AC line lock and an internal line lock for synchronization. The AC line lock is ideal in multi-camera operations, as it synchronizes all cameras connected to the same power line. This prevents the video from rolling vertically when switching between cameras. The vertical phase can be adjusted by ±90 degrees.

Flexible Power Operation: The camera offers a choice of two types of power: 24 V AC or 12 V DC. The camera automatically adapts to whichever power source is used, making installation fast and effective.