Dell PowerEdge 1900 Tower Server

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Dell PowerEdge 1900 Tower Server

Processors and Chipset
Up to two Intel®  Xeon®  processors
X5365, (Quad-Core) 3.00GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
X5355,(Quad-Core) 2.66GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
E5345,(Quad-Core) 2.33GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
E5335,(Quad-Core) 2.00GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
E5310,(Quad-Core) 1.60GHz/1066MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
5160,(Dual-Core) 3.0GHz/1333MHz FSB 4MB cache
5150,(Dual-Core) 2.66GHz/1333MHz FSB 4MB cache
5130,(Dual-Core) 2.0GHz/1333MHz FSB 4MB cache
5110,(Dual-Core) 1.60GHz/1066MHz FSB 4MB cache

Up to 16GB Fully Buffered SDRAM

Operating Systems
Factory installable:
Red Hat®  Linux®  Enterprise v5
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4 Gold EM64T
Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES 4 Gold x86
Novell SuSE Linux ES 10 x86-64
Microsoft®  Windows Server®  2003 R2 Enterprise
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 SBS
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP1 Web Edition
Validated, but not factory installable:
Microsoft Windows Server 2000 SP4 Advanced
Microsoft Windows Server 2000 SP4 Standard

Hard Drives:
3.5" nearline SAS drives (7.2K RPM): 500GB, 750GB2 and 1TB2
3.5" SAS drives(10K RPM): 146GB2 , 300GB2 and 400GB2
3.5" SAS drives(15K RPM): 36GB2 , 73GB2 , 146GB2 and 300GB2
3.5" SATA drives(7.2K RPM): 80GB2 , 160GB2 , 250GB2 , 500GB2 , 750GB2 and 1.0TB2

Maximum Internal Storage:
6.0TB2 SAS (6 X 1TB)
6.0TB2 SATA (6 X 1TB)

External Storage Options:
PowerVault MD3000i iSCSI SAN Array
EqualLogic PS5000E
EqualLogic PS5000X
EqualLogic PS5000XV
PowerVault NX1950 Unified Storage Solution
PowerVault MD3000 Modular Disk Storage Array
PowerVault MD1000 SAS external storage system
Optional Dell/EMC fibre channel external storage, including AX150, AX150i, CX300, CX3-10c, CX3-20, CX3-40, CX3-80

External Backup Options:
PowerVault ML6000 Modular Tape Libraries
PowerVault TL2000 and TL4000 Compact Tape Libraries

PowerVault 124T Autoloader

Single Drives:
PowerVault RD1000 Removable Disk Drive
PowerVault LTO Tape Drives
PowerVault Rackable Tape Drives

Drive Bays
Hard Drive Bays for 6 x 3.5" SAS drives or 6 x 3.5" cabled SATA drives
Media Bays (2 x 3.5") for any combination of:
24X CD-RW/DVD drives
3.5" 1.44MB diskette drive

6 expansion slots
1 x8 PCI Express - x8 lane with x8 connector
3 x4 PCI Express - x4 lane with x8 connector
2 x 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X - supports full-height, full-length 3.3v PCI or PCI-X cards

Drive Controllers
ESB2 (4 Port Internal) SATA
Non-Integrated SAS 5/E (optional): 8 port SAS non-RAID external controller for MD3000, x8 PCI-E

RAID Controllers
Optional SAS 5/iR RAID Adapter
Optional PERC 5i SAS RAID Daughter card
Optional PERC 5/E, Adapter(SAS RAID controller for MD1000)
Optional PERC 4e/DC (for legacy SCSI external storage)

Single embedded Broadcom Gigabit NICs (5708) with optional TCPIP Offload Engine (TOE)
Broadcom 5721 NIC
Broadcom 5708 NIC
single and dual port Intel PRO/1000 MTTM  adapters (copper)
Intel PRO/1000 MF (optical)
single and dual port Intel PRO/1000 PT (Express)