Dell PowerEdge SC1430 Tower Server

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Dell PowerEdge SC1430 Tower Server

For customers who want simplicity but need two-socket server performance, the PowerEdge SC1430 is a basic tower server that can deliver high-value with some of the latest technology and tailored solutions for small and medium businesses.

Up to two Intel®  Xeon®  processors
E5345, (Quad-Core) 2.33GHz/1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
E5335, (Quad-Core) 2.00GHz/ 1333MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
E5320, (Quad-Core) 1.86GHz/1066MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
E5310, (Quad-Core) 1.60GHz/1066MHz FSB 2x4MB cache
5130, (Dual-Core) 2.0GHz/1333MHz FSB 4MB cache
5110, (Dual-Core) 1.60GHz/1066MHz FSB 4MB cache


Operating Systems
Microsoft®  Windows Server®  2003 R2, Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, x64 Standard Edition
Microsoft®  Windows®  Small Business Server 2003 Standard Edition
Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition
SUSE®  Linux Enterprise Server 10 x86-64

Hard Drives:
Support for up to four (4) cabled 1" internal hard drives
80GB, 160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB and 1.0TB (7.2K RPM) SATA hard drives
500GB, 750GB and 1TB (7.2K RPM) nearline SAS hard drives
146GB and 300GB (10K RPM) SAS hard drives
300GB (15K RPM) SAS hard drives

Maximum Internal Storage:
4.0TB (4 x 1TB) SATA
4.0TB (4 x 1TB) SAS

Backup Options:
Dell PowerVault 100T Tape Drive, internal
PowerVault RD1000 Removable Disk Drive, internal

Drive Bays
Hard Drive Bays: Up to 4 hard drives

5 total I/O slots
2 PCI Express slots (x4 with x8 connectors)
2 64-bit/100MHz PCI-X slots 3.3V, 1 32-bit/33MHz PCI slot 5V
One full height, full length slot; Remaining slots are full height, half length

Drive Controllers
Embedded dual channel SATA, optional PCI SCSI controller for tape backup, SAS 5iR for configurations with greater than two hard drives and no RAID or SAS hard drives and no RAID

RAID Controllers
SAS 5iR (when using 2 or less SAS or SATA hard drives and running RAID0 or RAID1 configurations)
PERC 5i (only needed when running RAID5 configuration)

Embedded Broadcom NetXtreme 5751 Gigabit NIC
Broadcom®  NetXtreme 5721 Single Port Gigabit Ethernet NIC, Copper, PCI-E x1
Intel®  PRO/1000 PT Single Port Server Adapter, Gigabit, Copper, PCI-E x1

Optional Conexant V.92 internal modem