Dell PowerEdge T100 Tower Server

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Dell PowerEdge T100 Tower Server

Performance, reliability and security are standard on this ideal server for a single power user.

* Compact 1-socket server with the power for workspace use
* Reliability with unique security features
* Support tailored to your business requirements

Compact Yet Powerful
We've built the PowerEdge T100 from the ground up to be an efficient member of your business team. The quad-core Intel®  Xeon®  processor inside the PowerEdge T100 can easily handle day-to-day computing and file storage demands. Our world class, quiet fans are designed to keep things cool while the PowerEdge T100 offers flexibility and durability with excellent performance and security features. And because it's a Dell, the PowerEdge T100 can be configured to your exact specifications.

Reliability Backed by Dell
Every Dell server is put through an array of diagnostic tests before it's shipped to help ensure optimum performance when it arrives at your business. And to help you maximize productivity, the PowerEdge T100 is available with Dell ProSupport for End-Users, a service that combines expert hardware support with "how-to" support for popular software applications.

The simplicity of the PowerEdge T100 is evident from the moment you order your system. Every Dell server is put through an array of diagnostic tests, with all your components in place, before it's shipped to assist with quick and easy set up when your system arrives. No additional integration of parts and components required. In addition to offering fast deployment, it boasts a slim form factor and quiet operation so you can place it on a desktop without worrying about space constraints or noise distractions. As your needs grow, the PowerEdge T100 easy to service chassis and color-coded internal components allow for quick upgrades.

Integrated Security
Dell provides standard security features in the PowerEdge T100 to help keep your data secure – in fact, this new generation of PowerEdge servers are the most secure we've ever produced. The included Trusted Platform Module (TPM) provides hardware-based encryption and authentication. A chassis-intrusion switch alerts you when internal system components have been accessed. An internal locked-down USB port allows implementation of additional security options such as a hardware token system that restricts unauthorized access. And finally, the PowerEdge T100 features a Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks (RAID) architecture that can prevent data loss by transparently performing data backups.