Dell PowerEdge T610 Tower Server

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Dell PowerEdge T610 Tower Server

The next generation Dell OpenManage suite offers enhanced operations and standards-based commands designed to integrate with existing systems for effective control.

Lifecycle Controller is the engine for advanced systems management integrated on the server. Lifecycle Controller simplifies administrator tasks to perform a complete set of provisioning functions such as system deployment, system updates, hardware configuration and diagnostics from a single intuitive interface called Unified Server Configurator (USC) in a pre-OS environment. This eliminates the need to use and maintain multiple pieces of disparate CD/DVD media.

The new Dell Management Console (DMC), powered by Altiris from Symantec, delivers a single view and a common data source into the entire infrastructure. Dell Management Console is built on the Symantec Management Platform (formerly Altiris®  Notification Server), an easily extensible, modular foundation that can provide basic hardware management or more advanced functions such as asset and security management. Dell Management Console helps reduce or eliminate manual processes so less time and money is spent keeping the lights on and more time can be spent on strategic uses of technology.

Dell’s newest PowerEdge servers feature energy tuned technologies designed to reduce power consumption while increasing performance and capacity. Enhancements include efficient power supply units right-sized for system requirements, improved system-level efficiency, policy-driven power and thermal management and highly efficient standards-based Energy Smart components. Dell’s advanced thermal control is designed to deliver optimal performance at minimum system and fan power consumption resulting in our quietest mainstream tower servers to date. These elements help drive efficiency as a design standard while delivering the performance businesses required.

Processors: Up to two Quad-Core or Dual-Core Intel®  Xeon®  5500 series processors

Chipset: Intel 5520 (Tylersberg)

Memory: Up to 96GB4 (12 DIMM slots/6 per-processor): 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB DDR3 800MHz, 1066MHz or 1333MHz

Embedded Hypervisor (Optional)
Citrix®  XenServer®
Microsoft®  Windows Server®  2008, with Hyper-V
VMware®  ESXiv 3.5

SAS, SATA, Near-line SAS, SSD:
2.5" SAS (10K rpm): 73GB, 146GB, 147GB, 300GB
2.5” SAS (15K RPM) 36GB, 73GB
2.5” SATA II (5.4K RPM): 80GB, 160GB, 250GB
2.5” SATA II (7.2K RPM): 80GB, 120GB, 160GB, 250GB
2.5" SSD: 25GB, 50GB
3.5” SATA (7.2K): 80GB,160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1TB
3.5” SAS (10K): 400GB
3.5” SAS (15K): 73GB, 146GB, 300GB , 450GB
3.5” Near-Line SAS (7.2K): 500GB, 750GB, 1TB

Maximum Internal Storage:
Up to 8TB SATA, Near Line SAS, SAS or SSD

Network Interface Cards
One dual port embedded Broadcom®  NetXtreme II 5709c Gigabit Ethernet NIC with failover and load balancing.
Optional 1GBe and 10GBe add-in NICs

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