HP 9000 rp4400 Server

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HP 9000 rp4400 Server

With strong performance, scalability, and a dense form factor, the HP 9000 rp4400 server series provides the performance you need for such business-critical workloads as enterprise resource planning, customer-relations management, and e-commerce.

Each server provides up to 128 GB of memory, runs the rock-solid HP-UX 11i operating system, and is powered by the PA-8900 processor. The HP 9000 rp4410 Server offers a choice of 1-, 2-, and 4-core systems, while the HP 9000 rp4440 Server promotes 8-core scalability. Its elegant server design makes for easy installation, upgrading, and service—allowing you to conserve your IT funds and data-center space.

The HP 9000 rp4400 server series—as with the entire HP 9000 server family—provides longevity and investment protection by integrating seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure. The same HP zx1 Chipset that enhances the performance of the PA-8900 processor is also designed for use with HP Integrity servers based on the Intel® Itanium® 2 processor.

The standardized approach of the HP 9000 rp4400 server series also enables an easy in-box upgrade from the HP 9000 rp4410 Server to the HP 9000 rp4440 Server.

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A9955A  HP 9000 1-core rp4410 Server with 800 MHz PA-8900 processor module
A9956A  HP 9000 1-core rp4410 Server with 1.0 GHz PA-8900 processor module
A9950A  HP 9000 rp4440 Server with 800 MHz PA-8900 dual-processor module
A9951A  HP 9000 rp4440 Server with 1.0 GHz PA-8900 dual-processor module

Increased performance
The HP 9000 rp4410 and rp4440 Servers are easy to deploy and offer performance-enhancing clustering capabilities. The dual-core PA-8900 processor module makes it possible to pack more processing power into a smaller system chassis, which presents you with appealing server consolidation and space conservation opportunities.

Both servers integrate the PA-8900 processor with the innovative HP zx1 Chipset, enabling both systems to achieve even greater performance through decreased memory latency and increased memory bandwidth. The rp4410 and the rp4440 servers also offer six open PCI-X expansion I/O slots and up to 128 GB DDR memory.

Investment protection and cost savings
The HP 9000 rp4410 and rp4440 Servers are remarkably cost-effective, boasting an attractive price point that provides excellent value. They are also economical to operate, thanks to a small 4U size (6.8-inch/173 mm) that saves data-center space and lets you pack up to 10 servers and 80 processor cores into a standard 2-meter rack. And because the HP 9000 rp4410 Server has a maximum of four processor cores, it qualifies for Oracle® Database 10g Standard Edition licensing—offering substantial cost savings. Plus, with in-chassis processor upgrades, these servers promote investment protection while allowing you to adapt to your evolving needs.

Increased system resource utilization and automatic resource allocation
Your HP 9000 systems are bolstered by HP-UX 11i (v1, v2, and v3), the secure, robust, proven, mission-critical UNIX® operating environment. With the HP-UX Workload Manager, high-availability clustering capabilities, and innovative server-virtualization capabilities that are part of the HP Virtual Server Environment, HP-UX 11i makes the best use of your system resources while it maintains service levels.

Simplified management
HP offers systems and network management tools for HP-UX 11i that can help you reduce operating costs. Two examples are HP Secure Web Console for Web-based management, which provides a wide range of single-system and multi-system management features, and HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), which offers a single point of administration plus a variety of integrated tools for configuration and fault and workload management. The HP 9000 rp4410 and rp4440 Servers also have built-in high-availability features to deliver reliable uptime.