HP 9000 rp7440 Server

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HP 9000 rp7440 Server

With attractive price/performance, rack density, flexibility, and scalability, the HP 9000 rp7440 Server makes high-availability 64-bit computing an affordable reality for your enterprise. The strong performance of this midrange workhorse is further enhanced through the integration of its PA-8900 processor with the HP Super-Scalable Processor Chipset sx2000.

Developed by HP, this chipset delivers decreased latencies and increased bandwidth. You also gain all the reliability, availability, and serviceability features along with the simplified management you would expect from a high-end server.

With up to four 16-processor core servers per rack, the HP PA-RISC dual-core technology, flexible partitioning, innovative virtualization technologies, and improved PCI-X I/O capabilities, the HP 9000 rp7440 Server brings you the raw power to handle practically any workload.

Superb application performance to meet your demanding business needs
The HP sx2000 Chipset, the HP PA-8900 processor and the HP-UX 11i operating system and Virtual Server Environment (VSE) deliver a scalable and flexible platform for different types of workloads, including application and server consolidation.

The VSE includes hard partitions (nPars), virtual partitions (vPars), high availability (Serviceguard), capacity on demand, and HP Workload Manager (WLM) capabilities, so you can maintain your service levels by allocating resources automatically to make the best use of system resources.

Robust and trusted operating system for your critical business and IT requirements
The capabilities of the HP sx2000 Chipset and PA-8900-based family of servers are further bolstered by HP-UX 11i, which delivers robust UNIX® leadership in high availability, security, and quality.

Cost-efficient resource utilization enhances system and application availability
The partitioning capabilities and HP utility pricing offerings of the HP 9000 rp7440 Server maximize use of your system resources and budget while maintaining service levels. Additionally, HP 9000 servers use the same intelligent management capabilities as those used across the platforms and multiple operating systems of HP's broad server portfolio-further reducing complexity while enhancing the efficiency of your heterogeneous environment.

Low TCO and investment protection
If you are looking for an outstanding return on your IT investment, the HP 9000 rp7440 Server helps reduce your TCO through aggressive acquisition prices and low operating costs. This rack-optimized server makes it possible to pack significant processing power into a smaller system chassis, which presents strong server consolidation and space conservation opportunities. And, through the use of common parts with midrange HP Integrity servers, the HP 9000 rp7440 Server offers exceptional IT investment protection through seamless, in-chassis upgrades.