HP AlphaServer DS20L System

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HP AlphaServer DS20L System

Get big system capacity in a small package. This dual-processor system is ideal for high performance technical computing, front-end cluster ISP/Internet applications and telecom applications.

You can mount up to 40 of these space-saving 1U rack-mount servers in a cabinet.

Each system provides the power of two 833 MHz Alpha 64-bit processors, up to 2 GB of memory, the highest memory bandwidth in its class (2.7 GB/sec), and two 2/3-length 64-bit PCI slots.


* Two 833 MHz Alpha 64-bit processors
* Up to 40 systems in a rack
* Up to 2 GB of ECC memory
* Highest memory bandwidth in its class (2.7 GB/sec)
* Two 64-bit PCI slots ( 2/3-length)
* Dual 10/100 Ethernet ports onboard
* Choice of Quadrics, Myrinet, GbETN and Ethernet interconnects
* Tru64 UNIXor Linux-ready