HP AlphaServer ES45 System

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HP AlphaServer ES45 System

Delivers large-system speed, power, and performance at a midrange server price. Designed to handle the toughest business, technical and scientific applications with stunning speed.

The ideal choice for crucial resource-intensive applications such as Oracle, SAP, and SAS in e-business, telecom and high performance technical computing.

Powered by up to four 1.25 GHz Alpha processors with increased memory bandwidth and now including hot-plug-ready PCI expansion slots.

Reliability features include hot-swap RAID storage, advanced clustering support, and redundant hot-swap power and cooling system.


* Up to four Alpha 1.25 GHz processors with 16 MB L2 Dual Data Rate cache
* Up to 32 GB of ECC memory to dramatically accelerate database applications
* Advanced 8 GB/sec memory cross-bar switch architecture for fast, consistent application response times
* Ten 64-bit PCI I/O expansion slots, including seven hot-plug-ready slots
* Tower, pedestal, or rackmountable enclosure
* Building block for AlphaServer SC45 supercomputers, Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS