HP AlphaStation DS25 System

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HP AlphaStation DS25 System

The AlphaStation DS25 delivers supercomputing power with an impressive balance of performance and reliability in a low-cost, dual-processor package.

With up to two 1 GHz Alpha 64-bit processors, 8 MB L2 DDR cache, and outstanding 8.0 GB/s memory bandwidth, this system offers superior price/performance value.

Ideal for data intensive, multithreaded applications used in high-end design, large model assembly, and data analysis. Designed for high availability with hot-swappable drives, fans, and power supplies. Other features include dual ethernet and dual Ultra3 SCSI on the motherboard.


* Up to two 1 GHz Alpha 64-bit processors
* Pedestal or rackmount (up to 6 systems / rack)
* Up to 16 GB of ECC memory
* Up to 8 Gbytes/s memory bandwidth (peak)
* Up to 876 GB internal storage
* 6 available 64-bit PCI slots
* 4 64-bit PCI buses
* Embedded dual Ethernet and dual Ultra3 SCSI
* Hot-swappable disks, fans, and power supplies
* Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS