HP AlphaStation ES47 System

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HP AlphaStation ES47 System

The HP AlphaStation ES47 system with up to two EV7 Alpha processors is ideal for a personal super computer or high-end visualization client for CAD/CAM, GIS, high-performance technical visualization and defense applications.


* Up to 2 Alpha 1.0 GHz EV7 processors
* 4 GB / processor ECC memory
* 12.8 GB/s I/O bandwidth (maximum)
* 1.75 MB ECC on-chip cache / processor
* Internal hot-plug disk drive storage of 292 GB (based on two 146-GB SCSI disk drives)
* 5 PCI-X slots on 3 to 6 buses, 1 AGP slot, CD-RW drive, dual USB port
* Supports Radeon 7500 AGP graphics controller
* Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS

At A Glance
AlphaServer/AlphaStation ES47 Tower systems

* Two 1000-MHz Alpha 21364 processors
* Advanced on-chip memory controllers and switch logic capable of providing 10.7-GB/s of peak memory bandwidth per processor
* Choice of memory options; up to 4-GB of RDRAM memory per processor (16-GB total)
* Redundant features providing maximum uptime - N+1 Voltage regulator Modules (VRMs); hot-plug redundant power supplies; cooling provided by four hot-plug redundant system fans
* Optional RAID memory support
* Five PCI-X I/O slots: One 64-bit/133-MHz slot; Four 64-bit/66-MHz slots
* One AGP slot
* Internal hot-plug disk drive storage of 292 GB with two 146-GB SCSI disk drives
* Integrated Ultra3 SCSI
* CD-RW Drive
* Dual USB port
* Enhanced reliability with ECC-protected memory, processor cache and system data paths
* Tru64 UNIX or OpenVMS factory installed software (FIS); optional high availability support with Tru64 UNIX and OpenVMS cluster solutions
* Product warranty, 1-year hardware, on-site next business day and 90-day software, telephone support delivered by HP Services
* Consult the HP Customer Support Center at 1-800 345 1518 for details