HP BladeSystem bc2000 Blade PC

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HP BladeSystem bc2000 Blade PC

Centralize desktop compute and storage resources into easily managed, highly secure data centers with HP Consolidated Client Infrastructure. For the highest rack density at the lowest power, the HP BladeSystem bc2000 Blade PC is the ideal solution.

Highly efficient
Achieve maximum rack efficiency and low power with a blade that provides an impressive 280 blade per rack density at only 7.4 kW, designed for data centers on a power and cooling budget.

Desktop performance
The desktop performance of remote users is enhanced with the powerful AMD Athlon 64 2100+ processor and HP Remote Graphics Software.

Enhanced connectivity
The addition of HP Remote Graphics Software to the blade PC delivers an improved experience with fast performance, high image quality, and an excellent compression ratio for video and images with minimal network usage.

Simplified management
Enable single console control of end-user administration, provisioning, and automatic failover with HP PC Session Allocation Manager, which also includes administrative usage and planning report tools.

Improved security
Significantly reduce the risks of viruses, theft, and data loss with centralized control of hardware and end-user data.

Business continuity
Blade PCs provide particularly robust frameworks for business continuity. If a workplace is unavailable due to fire, flood or snowstorm, employees can continue to support customers from any internet-connected device at a satellite office or from home.