HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure

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HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure

The HP BladeSystem c3000 Enclosure brings new capabilities to HP BladeSystem. Now available in either a Tower model or rack model, the c3000 targets three separate market segments: 1) remote sites needing between 2 and 8 server blades; 2) mid-sized companies with between 3 and 100 servers in their company; and 3) enterprise accounts with special datacenter requirements, such as DC power, or very limited rack power & cooling capacity. Similar to the c7000, the Intelligent Management through the Onboard Administrator gives you complete control of your bladed infrastructure. A multi-terabit backplane ensures that the c3000 Enclosure can support today's Gigabit networks with an easy migration to tomorrows 10 Gigabit solutions.

What's new
Introducing the HP BladeSystem c3000 enclosure for sites without racks and with support for up to 8 server blade devices in a 6U enclosure.


* Up to 8 multi-core dual processor half-height blades or 4 full height blades
* Up 3 I/O fabrics with multi-terabit backplane to support current and future I/O connections
* N+N and N+1 Power Redundancy for maximum configuration flexibility
* Choice of AC or DC power supplies


* HP Insight LCD Display for easy setup and configuration on enclosure front
* HP Onboard Administrator for complete control of your bladed infrastructure
* Optional HP Insight Control Environment management suite for an integrated bladed server lifecycle management experience that automates and simplifies server hardware and operating system deployment, performance analysis, vulnerability operating system scan & patch, remote control, virtual machine and power management


* HP ActiveCool Fan technology provides superior airflow, power and acoustic performance and is hot-pluggable for easy upgrades
* Additional power supplies can be added to your enclosure can grow with your changing needs


* Same functionality as the c3000 rack model, except that it is delivered in a Tower form that doesn't require a rack.
* Optional Security Panels for front and back security of server and storage blades, and interconnect modules.

A perfect fit for remote sites and midmarket customers.

* Tower or rack (6U) enclosure with support for up to 8 half-height blades
* Remote sites (retail, branch offices, etc.) - up to 8 server blades
* Midmarket customers: customers who own as little as 3 servers, or as many as 100 servers in a location.
* Low-line or high-line power options for maximum power configuration flexibility; DC power option for DC datacenters
* N+N and N+1 power supply redundancy configurations to ensure power, performance, cost and reliability can be matched to your needs.
* Simple local DVD for software deployment
* Local KVM interface for in-rack KVM switches, monitors, and keyboards