HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure

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HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure

The BladeSystem c7000 enclosure provides all the power, cooling, and I/O infrastructure needed to support modular server, interconnect, and storage components today and throughout the next several years. The enclosure is10U high and holds up to 16 server and/or storage blades plus optional redundant network and storage interconnect modules. It includes a shared, 5 terabit per second high-speed NonStop midplane for wire-once connectivity of server blades to network and shared storage. Power is delivered through a pooled-power backplane that ensures the full capacity of the power supplies is available to all server blades for maximum flexibility and redundancy. Power input flexibility is provided with choices of either single-phase, 3-Phase AC input and -48V DC Input.

What's new
Introducing new enclosure models that are bundled with HP Insight Control Environment for Linux

* Convenient software and enclosure bundle that allows purchase as a single part number
* Flexible and extensible monitoring for notifications, alerts, events, histories, graphs, and reporting - to know what is really happening without guessing
* Bare metal system discovery and Linux deployment, coupled with system image capture and deployment, to get systems up and running quickly

Large Enterprise Datacenters

* Supports up to 16 half-height 2 socket Intel® Xeon® and AMD Opteron© blades for maximum performance and density
* Over 40% power savings and 47% less airflow when compared to competitors rack mount servers
* Redundant and flexible I/O configurations with HP BladeSystem Interconnect technology
* Full power redundancy with N+N hot-plug power supplies and the flexibility of N+1 redundancy

Mainstream/mid-sized data centers and departments, branch offices

* Pay as you grow architecture that expands with your needs
* Software bundles that simplify the installation configuration and management of your hardware
* Fit more in less. 16 HP BladeSystem blades will take less space use less power and less cooling than 16 rack-mount servers

High Performance Computing

* Support for both Ethernet and DDR InfiniBand in the enclosure
* Maximum density with up to 64 servers per 42U rack
* Reduced power and cooling footprint to provide the maximum performance per Watt