HP Integrity rx2660 Server

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HP Integrity rx2660 Server

The HP Integrity rx2660 Server offers you new levels of entry-class value. It's a cost-effective and versatile platform for your IT environment that delivers high rack density and performance per watt. With performance and capacity to easily handle your business-critical application tier and transaction workloads, it is also a platform you can trust for your database, Java™, business intelligence, and technical computing requirements.

Available in a rack or pedestal form factor and including a standard three-year warranty, the Integrity rx2660 Server is built to deliver UNIX® strengths a solid return on investment, and enterprise-class virtualization, scalability, and availability—regardless of the size of your business.

The Integrity rx2660 Server supports your choice of applications across the following operating environments:

* HP-UX 11i
* Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003
* Linux
* OpenVMS

It also provides a variety of features—including easy management tools and serviceability capabilities—that simplify your system administrators' maintenance tasks. You gain greater simplicity and system control through HP server technologies such as universal hard drives, Integrity Integrated Lights Out (iLO 2), HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM), and the HP System Insight Display—an LED display that lets you verify your system's status right on the front of the server.

Additionally, the Integrity rx2660 Server offers you a choice of I/O technologies (PCI-X or PCI EXPRESS), up to eight SAS drives of internal storage capacity (offering more than 1 TB), and in-box processor upgrades.

As with all HP Integrity servers, the Integrity rx2660 Server helps to accelerate business growth, lower costs, and mitigate risk while preparing you for the future.

HP Integrity server technology is always virtualized, always scalable, and always available—so you get the right outcome, at the right time, for the right price.

* Outstanding flexibility
* Simplified management and deployment
* Improved IT productivity and secured availability
* Improved utilization and continuous service levels

Outstanding flexibility
The HP Integrity rx2660 Server lets you choose the right operating environment for your workload. Plus, you also have the choice of rack-optimized or pedestal (standard or reduced acoustics) form factors and I/O technologies (PCI-X or a combination of PCI EXPRESS and PCI-X). The Integrity rx2660 Server includes all of the management, availability, and security features you expect, allowing seamless integration and management for deployment and redeployment across a heterogeneous IT environment. In addition, common HP server technologies, including universal racks, accessories, and management tools, add to a greater flexibility and return on your IT investment.

Simplified management and deployment
With the Integrity rx2660 Server, you can easily deploy a high-performing standalone, clustered, or distributed computing model. Powerful, integrated management tools work with the Integrity rx2660 Server for faster, more efficient server deployment and reduced operational costs. These include:

* HP Integrity Essentials
* iLO 2 remote management
* HP Global Workload Manager (gWLM)
* HP OpenView
* HP System Insight Display
* HP Rapid Deployment Pack

You can manage your servers with the same tools you use to manage the rest of your infrastructure—from a single interface—which promotes greater control and efficiency, along with an enhanced user/administrator experience.

Improved IT productivity and secured availability
The Integrity rx2660 Server offers extensive high-availability features—including redundant fans, double chip spare memory, redundant power supplies, and error checking and correcting—to safeguard your data integrity, improve application availability, and reduce planned maintenance time.

Plus, HP StorageWorks' industry-leading portfolio of network storage solutions makes it easier for your business to increase information availability and protect data while radically cutting costs.

Improved utilization and continuous service levels
The HP Virtual Server Environment (VSE) provides flexible capacity that helps you improve server utilization in real time. With the VSE's integration of intelligent control with partitioning and high availability (through solutions such as HP Serviceguard), you can create a pool of virtual servers that grow or shrink based on your business priorities. To enhance your consolidation initiatives, the Integrity rx2660 Server supports both HP Integrity Virtual Machines and HP Secure Resource Partitions, letting you safely share your server capacity among many different applications.