HP Integrity rx6600 Server

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HP Integrity rx6600 Server

The HP Integrity rx6600 Server is a highly expandable platform for workload consolidation and virtualization that redefines the entry class. This next-generation HP Integrity server is capable of handling the business-critical workloads previously possible only with larger, more costly systems.

The HP Integrity rx6600 Server is ideally suited for application and database deployments in:

* Enterprise resource planning
* Supply chain management
* Billing
* Business intelligence
* Enterprise application integration

Its excellent Java™, transaction, and online analytical processing (OLAP) performance distinguishes it from other entry-class servers and sets a new standard for the amount of work that can be accomplished with a 4-processor/8-core system.

The HP Integrity rx6600 Server's balanced architecture is built around the innovative HP zx2 Chipset  and is combined with the powerful new Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® processor.

Always virtualized, always scalable, always available—and designed with forward-looking technologies—the Integrity rx6600 Server helps you prepare for the future while also accelerating business growth, lowering costs, and mitigating risk.

The Integrity rx6600 Server supports up to 192 GB of DDR2 memory and 16 small form factor internal hard disk drives. For additional flexibility, it is available in either rack-optimized or standalone form factors and with a choice of PCI-X or mixed PCI-X/PCI EXPRESS I/O technologies. The flexible capacity and innovative virtual machine technologies available in the Integrity rx6600 Server make it an ideal platform for workload consolidation, leading to a significantly better return on IT. The Integrity rx6600 Server is a logical upgrade from the PA-RISC–based HP 9000 rp4400 Server series, the HP AlphaServer DS45 and ES45 Server series, and the HP Integrity rx4640 Server.

Enhanced scalability delivers maximum power with minimum resources
The insights HP has gained as a co-developer, with Intel, of the Intel® Itanium® processor have produced substantial system performance gains through the development of the HP zx2 Chipset. Invented by HP, this chipset fully unleashes the power of the Intel® Itanium® processor by lowering memory latencies; providing extensive reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features; and increasing memory and I/O subsystem scalability. This type of scalability within the server enables increased balanced performance across transactional and batch workloads.

Robust availability for every application, every user, every time
New technologies that increase the levels of system and application availability are integrated within the HP Integrity rx6600 Server. These include double chip spare—reducing memory errors 17-fold over previous servers—which enables the system to recover from two DRAM failures and will result in significantly fewer reboots from memory failures.

The HP Integrity rx6600 Server also features built-in error protection for the processor as well as dynamic processor resilience and de-allocation. In terms of security, robust security features such as authentication and authorization are built into all four operating environments.

Your choice of storage
The large internal disk capacity gives you flexibility in storage options. You can use internal storage for a self-contained database, which delivers the advantages of managing internal storage through server management tools and requires fewer devices. This solution adds up to a cost-effective “database-in-a-box.” When you use it with HP Integrity Virtual Machines , the savings that can be realized through workload and server consolidation are immense, along with the resulting improvements in resource utilization.

You can also extend your system to incorporate HP StorageWorks' industry-leading portfolio of network storage solutions, which makes it easy for you to increase information availability while radically cutting costs.