HP Integrity rx8640 Server

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HP Integrity rx8640 Server

The HP Integrity rx8640 Server offers high-end performance, functionality, and value in the midrange class. The combination of Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® processors and the processor-enhancing capabilities of the cell-based HP Super-Scalable Processor Chipset sx2000 makes the Integrity rx8640 Server a trusted platform for business-critical IT operations.

The HP Integrity rx8640 Server exceeds the demands for consolidation, scale-up, simplified management, and performance workloads such as:

* Enterprise Resource Planning
* Customer Relationship Management
* Business intelligence
* Database housing
* Financials and billing

Outstanding scalability mission-critical reliability for all types of workloads
The HP Integrity rx8640 Server offers state-of-the-art features in balanced performance for optimum, real world performance. Powered by the latest generation Dual-Core Intel® Itanium® processors—optimized by the HP Super-Scalable Processor Chipset sx2000 (PDF, 58 KB) —the HP Integrity rx8640 Server delivers the scalability and real world performance needed to meet your most demanding business needs.

Industry-leading high-availability and reliability features
Leading high-availability technologies in the Integrity rx8640 Server guard your applications with proven, mission-critical reliability. The HP Super-Scalable Processor Chipset sx2000 Chipset (PDF, 58KB)  employs error-correcting and self-healing technologies throughout, which reduces customer outages.

Unique technologies include Double Chip Sparing, which immediately restores chip-spare protection after a DRAM chip has failed—shielding against the vast majority of memory failures. In addition, it provides link retries and reconfiguration on reboot, which allows the recovery from virtually any link failure.

Combined with other products in HP's enterprise portfolio like HP StorageWorks' network storage solutions, the Integrity rx8640 Server makes it easier for your business to increase information availability and protect data while radically cutting costs.

Optimized resource utilization and consolidation opportunities
The cell-based architecture of the HP Integrity rx8640 Server and robust soft, hard, and sub-core partitioning capabilities enhance your consolidation initiatives. With comprehensive server tools to provide excellent resource partitioning, increase resource utilization, and reduce complexity, the Integrity rx8640 Server frees up IT resources and staff to perform other mission-critical tasks.

HP also offers the Virtual Server Environment (VSE), a flexible, fully integrated server virtualization offering that makes excellent use of your server resources. The Integrity rx8640 Server and VSE enable higher resource utilization, continuous service levels, and utility pricing—including HP Instant Capacity and Pay per use to provide a better return on IT.

Enterprise-grade I/O
The Integrity rx8640 Server supports enterprise-grade multi-port Gigabit Ethernet, SCSI, and Fibre Channel adapters as well as a variety of specialized PCI-X and PCI EXPRESS I/O cards for network, storage, high-performance, and legacy connectivity. Additionally, the Integrity rx8640 Server supports multifunction cards that offer both storage and network connectivity for high-density I/O.

Sound return on investment
Multiple generations of Intel Itanium processors can be mixed in the same HP Integrity rx8640 Server in different hard partitions, which means avoiding costly box swaps and delivering better return on your IT investment.