HP Modular Cooling System

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HP Modular Cooling System

The HP Modular Cooling System is the innovative self-cooled rack for high density deployments in the datacenter. HP's new cooling technology makes possible the deployment of up to 30KW in a single rack, bringing hardware densities and power consumption levels that have been difficult, if not impossible, to cool previously.

HP MCS is designed to complement the existing conventional datacenter cooling by adding computing power without adding to the current heat load in the datacenter. In addition, by packing three times the KW capacity of a standard rack, the MCS will extend considerably the life of your datacenter.

Introducing HP's new Modular Cooling System (MCS) for cooling high density deployments of servers and blades.
* Higher cooling capacity of 35kW in a single rack -new-
* CTO Capability with 2000 lbs dynamic load -new-
* Automatic door release mechanism -new-
Ideal environment

Enterprise datacenters
* The MCS is designed for large and medium size enterprises with advanced datacenter environments.
* Not ready for MCS? Consider a Site Datacenter Thermal Quick Assessment Service and ask for HB691A1 and HB691AE to improve your current datacenter cooling capacity.

Proven performance for high density deployments
* MCS has been designed to support a full load of blade servers, which, at their maximum configuration require a power load of 30KW.
* The MCS unit will provide over 2700 CFM of cool air distributed along the full height of the rack.

Versatility and availability for a wide range of deployments
* CTO Capability with 2000 lbs dynamic load
* Power input redundancy: Automatically detects power failure and switches to alternate source.
* Condensation evacuation: MCS operates at a temperature higher than the dew point of water, however, if condensation should occur the MCS will drain it via the condensation evacuation pipe.
* All HP server platform support: MCS support ProLiant, Integrity, Integrity NonStop, HP 9000 and StorageWorks from HP as well as select third party equipment.

Engineered for reliability and ease of ownership
* Hot swappable components: Fans and heat exchangers can be replaced while the unit is operating allowing for great flexibility in servicing the MCS.
* Environmental control: The MCS features full environmental control of the cooled air temperature being placed in front of the servers. The heat exchanger unit features safety quick disconnect valves that prevent accidental chilled water leakage.
* Water leak detector: A water leak detector ships standard with the MCS. Alarms can be sent via SNMP traps to HP Systems Insight Manager (SIM).
* Industry Standard Rack: 42U height, industry standard rack, maintains the height of your datacenter rows and does not change the way you servers are racked.
* Datacenter Tiling: Maintain datacenter tiling with the MCS being ½ the width of a standard rack.