HP ProLiant BL2x220c G5 Server Blade

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HP ProLiant BL2x220c G5 Server Blade

The HP ProLiant BL2x220c provides extreme density for customers where compute performance and power efficiency are at a premium. With up to 32 server nodes per enclosure each capable of supporting 2 Quad-Core CPUs and up to 32GB of RAM, the BL2x220c scales to provide up to 1024 cores and 4TB of RAM per 42U rack. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports are provided per server node as standard with options available to upgrade to 10Gbit Ethernet or Infiniband for high performance, low latency interconnects. The BL2x220c provides industry leading compute density and unmatched power efficiency.

Introducing new Low Power models of the HP ProLiant BL2x220c for high density computing.

* Support for the L5430 2.66GHz CPU
* Support for 16 GB Registered PC2-5300 2 x 8 GB Dual Rank Memory Kit


* Up to two Intel® Xeon® 5400 Series Quad Core CPUs per server node
* x8 Mezzanine per server node for I/O expansion
* Up to 32GB of PC5200 DDR2 Memory per server node, 4GB (2x2GB) as standard
* 12.3Terraflop/s peak compute capacity in a single 42U rack


* Embedded iLO2 Blade Edition per server node for remote management
* Embedded per server node power management and power capping enabled through iLO Select
* HP Insight Control Environment for HP BladeSystem provides comprehensive system health, remote control, Operating System deployment, power management, vulnerability scanning and patch management in an easy to install software suite


* Up to 32 server nodes per c7000 enclosure, 16 server nodes per c3000 enclosure
* Up to 128 Server Nodes per 42U rack
* Up to 1024 cores and 4TB of RAM per 42u rack

Grid Computing Applications/High Performance Computing

* High performance: Intel 5400 Xeon Series Quad Core CPUs for maximum compute performance
* Extreme Density: 32 Server nodes with 64 Quad-Core CPUs per 10U enclosure
* Power Efficiency: Low Power Intel Quad-Core CPUs and DDR2 memory
* High Performance I/O: x8 Mezzanine connection to support high-performance interconnects such as InfiniBand