HP ProLiant BL460c Server

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HP ProLiant BL460c Server

With features equal to standard 1U rack mount servers, the 2 processor, multi-core BL460c continues to combine power-efficient compute power and high density with expanded memory and I/O for maximum performance. Now with the latest Quad-Core Intel ® Xeon ® X5470 processor, expanded memory footprint up to 64GB, optional Serial Attached SAS or SATA hard drives, support of Multi-Function NICS and multiple I/O cards, the BL460c continues to provide a performance system ideal for the full range of scale out applications. In this small form factor, the BL460c also continues to include more features to ensure high-availability such as optional hot-plug hard drives, mirrored-memory, online spare memory, memory interleaving, embedded RAID capability, and enhanced remote Lights-Out management. The BladeSystem c7000 enclosure supports up to 16 BL460c server blades, 2 more servers than the IBM BladeCenter and each BL460 supports double the memory capacity of the HS21 server without their expansion blade.

The HP ProLiant BL460c server blade continues to provide enterprise-class features for high performance and reliability without compromising energy efficiency or density.


* What's New with the BL460c - Maximize your performance with the latest Quad-Core Intel ® Xeon ® X5470 processor providing ultimate processor performance with eight cores, faster clock speed and availability, and using larger and better optimized 12 MB L2 cache.
* Larger memory footprint needed? The BL460c continues to support up to 64 GB of ECC 667 MHz DDR2 Fully buffered DIMMs, with mirrored memory, memory interleaving and online spare capability. 2 mezzanine expansion slots and the HP Smart Array E200i with 64MB read cache with optional Battery-Backed Write Cache in standard BTO models


* Integrated Lights Out 2 (iLO 2) Management for unprecedented, high-speed management which includes virtual KVM and graphical remote console at no additional cost
* New Systems Insight Manager Thermal Logic Cooling - Instant thermal dashboard for system diagnostics and control of power and cooling
* Dual Multifunction Gigabit NICs with TOE and RDMA/iSCSI options to reduce network latency
* Smart power and thermal management now available with HP Power Regulator for policy based power management. Also offering, new industry exclusive Power Meter reporting capability to log actual power usage


* Drive-Less model now available through configure to order for customers who do not utilize internal disk drives and attach directly to SAN
* Storage support in standard BTO models of up to two high performance small form factor hot- plug serial disk drives.¹ Low voltage processor option kits targeted at most optimal performance per U and power per watt resulting in cooler, power-optimized systems
* Optional battery backed-write cache option to protect against data loss in standard BTO models¹


* Highly optimized for maximum density deployments of 64-bit systems without sacrificing functionality
* Internal USB connector¹ for enhanced security in standard BTO models
* Supports up to 8 DIMM memory expansion slots
* Two hot-plug small form factor SAS drives with battery-backed write cache in standard BTO models¹
* Simultaneously supports multiple I/O cards with two expansion slots

Large Enterprise data centers

* Essential fault tolerance: Embedded 0,1 RAID capability to limit costly network downtime with optional Battery Backed-Write Cache in standard BTO models.¹
* High performance remote manageability to support centralized or remote data center environments
* Data center efficiency with low power processors targeted at most optimal performance per U and power per watt

Mainstream/mid-sized data centers and departments, branch offices

* Enterprise performance and reliability at an affordable price
* ProLiant management tools ease server deployment and life cycle management when resources are limited
* Internal configuration flexibility supports a variety of applications
* Flexible SAS and SATA storage options in standard BTO models.¹

Ideal applications

* Multi-tiered enterprises applications such as SAP, PeopleSoft, Siebel, Oracle, and JDE
* Corporate infrastructure: file/print, mail/messaging, domain name system, directory services, firewall such as Exchange, Lotus Notes, Databases and portals
* Performance sensitive network infrastructure services, Client/server: Citrix Terminal Services
* Low-end High Performance Computing (HPTC); Clustering; and Storage Area Networks