HP ProLiant DL120 G5 Server

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HP ProLiant DL120 G5 Server

The HP ProLiant DL120 G5 Server is a new low cost, entry level rack-optimized server. Low on cost, but not short on performance.

The DL120 supports Intel® Xeon® processors with all the performance advantages of Dual-Core and Quad-Core. An array of processors including Intel® Celeron®, Pentium®, Core™2 and Xeon®, provide the ability to choose the appropriate processor based on application demands and cost. The single processor, 1U server is ideal for single-application IT infrastructure, web and edge-of-network applications.

The DL120 G5 provides two PCI-Express slots with an option to replace one PCI-Express slot with a PCI-X slot. Additional upgrades, including HP SAS HBAs and Smart Array Controllers, provide support for SAS hard disk drives. The remote management offered by the optional LO100c, provides the DL120 G5 a low-cost, effective solution for remotely managing servers anywhere, anytime.

What's new
The DL120 is a new ProLiant server delivering the latest in performance at a low cost making the enterprise more affordable for everyone. An optional LO100c Remote Management Card delivers essential remote management features at a cost-effective price.

* New Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core processors optimized for a 1333MHz Front Side Bus (FSB)
* Support for PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz memory
* Two PCI-Express slots with option to replace one PCI-Express slot with a PCI-X slot

Ideal environment

Environments Running IT Infrastructure or Edge Applications
* File/print
* Web and messaging
* Smaller vertical applications
* Dedicated application server

SMB and Midmarket
* Entry-level, single processor server solution for budget-conscious businesses
* Cost-effective SATA hard drives with embedded SATA RAID 0/1
* Variety of service options for businesses of all sizes

Growing Companies with Remote Locations or Collocated Servers
* 1U chassis maximizes density while keeping power consumption to a minimum - a concern for growing datacenters
* HP's world-class testing and reliability, coupled with optional LO100c remote-management features, give you the peace of mind to install a DL120 in a remote location
* Not ready for a rack environment? Consider the ProLiant ML110