HP ProLiant DL320 G5p Server

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HP ProLiant DL320 G5p Server

The HP ProLiant DL320 G5p Server is an enterprise rack-optimized server at an entry level price. The highly manageable 1 processor, 1U server is ideal for single-application IT infrastructure, web and edge-of-network applications. The remote console and virtual KVM offered by the embedded iLO-2, coupled with the management features of SIM and deployment capabilities of SmartStart and other Proliant Essentials software, give the DL320 G5p enterprise-class management features. Optional upgrades provide support for hot plug SAS drives and/or up to 4 SAS or SATA drives, and gives the DL320 G5p the flexibility to meet the needs of your datacenter. Plus, you get the cost-effective solution of a single-processor platform with the performance advantages of Dual-Core or Quad-Core.

What's new
The ProLiant DL320 G5p is an ideal solution for single function or dedicated-user applications where a cost-effective, rack-dense solution is necessary. In addition to support for the latest Intel® Quad-Core and Dual-Core Xeon® Processors, an array of new features are now available.
* 4 HDD upgrade providing support for up to four 3.5-inch SAS or SATA hard drives
* New Intel 3210 chipset with faster 1333MHz Front-Side Bus
* Support for PC2-6400 DDR2 800MHz memory

Ideal environment

Enterprise datacenters running IT infrastructure or edge appliances
* Enterprise-class ProLiant features that allow you to seamlessly install and maintain the DL320 into your datacenter, including integrated iLO-2 management, SmartStart and Insight Manager
* Reliability features that help keep your IT infrastructure applications running around the clock, including hot plug hard drive options, and front panel ports

Internet and Telco Service Providers
* Organizations that need to dedicate servers to specific applications or customers can take advantage of the compact 1U, 26.85-inch deep chassis
* HP's fourth generation of Lights-Out management technology, iLO-2, is fully integrated. This gives service providers full remote control, including virtual KVM and remote CD and USB key access, dramatically reducing the need to travel to the server for routine administration or problem solving.

Growing companies with remote locations or co-located servers
* Cost-effective SATA hard drive and Intel® processor options mean you can afford to deploy a full-featured server to a remote location
* HP's world-class testing and reliability, coupled with the DL320's integrated SATA RAID 0/1 and iLO-2 remote management features, give you the peace of mind to install a DL320 in a remote location
* Not ready for a rack environment? Consider the ProLiant ML310