Hitachi BladeSymphony 1000 Server

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Hitachi BladeSymphony 1000 Server

BladeSymphony® 1000 with Virtage

The first true enterprise-class blade server

Looking to consolidate mission-critical applications and cost-optimize your workloads? Look to BladeSymphony 1000 with Virtage, the first blade server that is cut out for enterprise-class consolidation.

key features

* Virtage Embedded Virtualization
* Intel® Xeon® Processor-based AND/OR Intel® Itanium® Processer-based server modules
* Scalability to single or multiple 16-way SMP
* Hot-swap components, N+M failover
* Integrated, centralized management

Cut cost, risk, and complexity.

The system gives you access to Hitachi's unique Virtage embedded virtualization technology and a wealth of high-powered hardware, software, and networking resources - so you can cut the cost, risk, and complexity of your IT infrastructure.

Total support and responsive service.

And because it's from Hitachi, it gives you something you never thought you'd get from a blade server. Peace of mind. BladeSymphony 1000 is a proven product and we deliver total support and responsive service.

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