Hitachi BladeSymphony 320 Server

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Hitachi BladeSymphony 320 Server

Redefines "Fully Loaded"

BladeSymphony 320 packs more power into a smaller space than any comparable solution: up to 70 two-way, quad-core servers in a single standard 42U rack - that's up to 560 cores.

BladeSymphony 320 is the only blade system with a 110-volt power option, so it plugs right in to standard power outlets with no special equipment or adapters. It is also the lightest 6U system on the market.

And BladeSymphony 320 keeps you up and running 24/7 with built-in reliability, availability, and serviceability (RAS) features. From hot-swap components and multi-configurable power supplies to Hitachi's unique N+M cold stand-by feature for automated system failover.

fast efficient simple

* 110-volt power option for no-hassles deployment
* Less cabling, less complexity, less work for administrators
* Packs up to 560 cores into a standard 42U rack
* Up to 60% space savings compared to rack-mount servers

High performance

The system also includes two on-board, hot-swappable Serial-Attached SCSI (SAS) and SATA drives, providing high performance and application flexibility; four Gigabit Ethernet ports per blade for high network throughput; and up to 16 GB of fully buffered memory.

Built-in components

A wide range of optional capabilities and components are available, such as a LAN pass-through option, Fiber Channel ports and switch modules for connecting to a SAN, and remote IP KVM. These components are all built in, so there's less cabling, less complexity, and less work required of administrators. And all of the modules are made by Hitachi, so there are no space-consuming external devices to purchase and configure, no compatibility issues to deal with, and no worries about integrating with the management system.

So whether you're looking to consolidate workloads in your enterprise data center or at your branch and remote offices, BladeSymphony 320 gives you something you never expected: unoccupied data center floor tiles. We're pushing consolidation right to the edge.

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