Keyspan U2S-2A USB 2.0 Device Server

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Keyspan U2S-2A USB 2.0 Device Server

The USB 2.0 Server makes it possible for USB printers (including multi-function printers), USB scanners, USB hard drives and other types of USB devices to be used an shared by PCs on a network. It is ideal for home office, small office or classroom use.

The USB 2.0 Server supports both Ethernet and Wi-Fi networks -- making it easy to print to a USB printer or connect to other USB devices from a Wi-Fi based laptop.

* Share USB printers, scanners and other USB devices via a network
* Access USB devices from a Wi-Fi laptop
* Extend a USB connection to any distance

System Requirements

* Windows: Windows XP or Windows Vista (32bit)
* Macintosh: Mac OS X (10.3.9 or later)

For use with a wide range of USB devices including printers, multi-function printers, scanners, hard drives, HID devices (mice and keyboards), bar code scanners, thumb print readers, graphics tablets, data loggers, POS devices, telescopes, PDA cradles, digital cameras, thumb drives, electronic white boards and more.

The USB 2.0 Server does not currently support attachment of USB hubs. Hub support is expected to be added in a future firmware update.

USB audio and video products are not supported at this time.

Package Includes

* Server
* power supply
* printed Quick Start
* CD with driver software and user guide