Motorola B-3 Video Server

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Motorola B-3 Video Server

The Motorola B-3 Video Server leverages industry-standard hardware and solid-state Flash memory to create a high-performance, highly scalable, fault tolerant on demand server. Designed to address small- to medium-sized streaming sites, the B-3 complements the Motorola B-1, the world’s most widely deployed solid-state on-demand server.


* Supports centralized or distributed architectures with shared libraries to reduce storage costs
* Scales from several hundred to more than 5,000 streams
* Configurable as an edge server or standalone server with integrated library
* Can be deployed in conjunction with Motorola’s B-1 Video Server to support hybrid architectures
* Supports Cable, IPTV, and internet video
* Built-in content distribution capabilities


* Video Grid Technology stripes content across a self-healing cluster of On Demand Media Blades
* Redundancy in all modules, network interfaces, and power/cooling to simplify maintenance operations and minimize service interruptions
* Supports disk and solid-state storage technologies


* Scales linearly through the addition of modular On Demand Media Blades
* Minimizes CAPEX by scaling streaming and storage independently
* Pooled content storage minimizes content replication


* Aggregates the storage and processing power of a scalable cluster of On Demand Media Blades
* Maximizes the performance of industry-standard hardware through Video Grid Technology

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