Promise SmartStor NS2300N Home Digital Media Server

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Promise SmartStor NS2300N Home Digital Media Server

Promise Technology, the worldwide leader in SATA/SAS RAID, brings its proven enterprise-class RAID technology to the SOHO/SMB users. SmartStor™ safeguards your digital contents and makes them readily available to networked users.

NS2300N Highlights

Up to two hot-swappable SATA drives.
Up to 3TB of storage using two 1.5TB hard drives.
Data sharing over the network with Gigabit Ethernet.
Speed up data transportation rate by Gigabit Ethernet with Jumbo Frame.
One-touch backup of designated file folders on client PC.
Smart NAVI Utility.
Enterprise-proven RAID technology with RAID 0, 1 support.
Network print server with USB printer.
DLNA media server for digital home network environment.
iTune Server, Download Station.
Download Station for HTTP/FTP/BT/Edonkey protocol.
Support Microsoft ADS; User, Group, and Quota management.
UPS support with automated shutdown.
Heterogeneous environment: Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh.
Quick and easy-to-use Setup Wizard.
Powerful web-based GUI for remote management.
Email notification for activity/backup status and system errors.
Advanced chassis design for minimum power consumption and ultra-quiet operation.

New user interface and easy management feature
SmartNAVI, the advanced client utility for SmartStor™ NAS, inherits all features from the previous generation NAS Utility and is enhanced with AI (Artificial Intelligence). SmartNAVI can discover the client side network topology and optimize the SmartStor™ for the user's environment. This technology enables the user to configure SmartStor™ in two steps without any network knowledge. Additionally, an enhanced interface helps users access services on SmartStor™ via system navigator and quick menu.

Besides DHCP support for easy network configuration, SmartStor™ NS2300N features various management tools to meet the needs of novices and advanced users. The easy Setup Wizard requires only few clicks to complete SmartStor™ NS2300N installation. The embedded web-based GUI management software, WebPASM, allows you to fully configure, monitor, shut down, and restart SmatStor™ N2300N from local or remote site.

Advanced data protection and security
To accommodate the pressing needs of SOHO & SMB users to easily and efficiently protect precious data, SmartStor™ NS2300N offers complete automatic data protection features.

Streaming and file sharing at Home
The SmartStor™ NS2300N functions as a Digital Media Streaming Server by utilizing DLNA's UPnP Protocol via Home and Local Area Networks. As a UPnP Certified Device, UPnP Media Control Points can discover and stream Music, Pictures and Video (JPEG, MP3, MPEG2, WMV and more) directly from the SmartStor™ NS2300N using applications such as PowerDVD, Nero Showtime, Wireless HD Media Players and Sony's PlayStation 3. When using Wireless HD Media Players or the PlayStation 3, No "PC" is needed for streaming services enabling you to view your Pictures and Videos in the comfort of your living room. In the near future HDTV LCD/Plasma Displays and Kitchen Appliances will be UPnP capable allowing access to your Personal Digital Entertainment anywhere in the Home.

As a small footprint BYOD (bring-your-own-disk) multi-terabyte SATA Network Storage Server, SmartStor™ NS2300N provides an easy, cost effective solution for SOHO & SMB users to share files and network resources. Support up to four hot-swappable SATA 3Gb/s hard drives, NS2300N allows you to expand capacity as your needs grow at the lowest incremental cost. Comprehensive file sharing protocols support enables cross-platform file services for Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh. SmartStor™ NS2300N can help to maximize your ROI and productivity by providing a scalable file service and print service solution.