Trendnet TE100-P21 Multi-Port Print Server

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Trendnet TE100-P21 Multi-Port Print Server

TRENDnet TE100-P21 is a Fast Ethernet print server that transforms a stand-alone USB or Parallel printer into a shared network printer. The TE100-P21 is compatible with 10Mbps or 100Mbps Ethernet network and it has two USB 2.0 and one Parallel printer port. Network professionals can easily manage the print server using Web Browser and utilize the TE100-P21 to promote productivity in a workgroup environment with low equipment cost.


* Built-in 1 Parallel (DB 25) and 2 USB 2.0 (Type A) Printer Port
* Compliant with USB 2.0 High-Speed Printing
* One RJ-45 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX Fast Ethernet Port
* Supports Email Printing and FTP Printing
* Includes LPR Program for Windows 95/98/ME TCP/IP Printing
* Supports IPP Printing for Windows 2000/XP
* Supports second HTTP port for Remote Web Configuration and IPP Printing
* Supports UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) for Windows XP/2003
* Supports Mac 10.2 “Rendezvous" Zero-Configuration Function
* Latest MIB-II (RFC 1213) for SNMP Standard Management
* IP Assignment Support for DHCP, BOOTP and RARP
* Includes Windows-Based Administrative Program and Web-Based Configuration
* Built-in Flash Memory for Easy Firmware Upgrade and Configuration File Save & Restore
* Printing Access Control/Display and Email Notification for Printer Error Messages
* 5-year limited warranty