Tyan Transport GT24 B4980 Server

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Tyan Transport GT24 B4980 Server

Unique in its extremely compact and high computing power system design, the Transport GT24B4980 is ideal for network storage server, data base and IT infrastructure development, VOD stream processing, and much more.  With E-ATX form factor as its platform, the system becomes an economical, high density, and high cluster computing solution all in a shorter rack. Featuring Thunder n3600 (S4980), the GT24(B4980), equipped with four quad-core AMD Opteron 8000 Series Processors (Socket 1207).  Additional features include 16 DDR2 667/533/400 DIMMs of Reg. ECC memory, nVIDIA nForce Pro 3600 chipset, six SATA ports with RAID 0/1/10/5 support, a build-in XGI graphic, one PCI-E slot for expansion, SMDC IPMI2.0 (optional), and dual GbE.

Motherboard Features:

- TYAN S4980 system board
- E-ATX footprint, 12" x 13"

- Quad 1207-pin socket
- Supports up to 4 x AMD® Opteron™ (95w) Rev. F 8000 series Dual Core/ Quad Core processors
- Up to 1.0GHz Hyper-Transport link support

- nVIDIA NFP3600 (MCP55 Pro)
- SMSC SCH5017

System Memory
- Dual memory channels
- Supports 4-rank memory
- Up to 64GB registered, ECC  memory
- Up to (16) DDR2 667/533/400 DIMMs

Integrated Video
- XGI Volari Z7 (XG20)
- 16MB frame buffer memory

Server Management
- M3291, IPMI 2.0 Remote System Management card
- Chassis intrusion alert
- Renesas H8S2167 BMC controller
- BT, KCS, Logging support
- IPMI-over-LAN
- Remote power on/off and reset

Integrated LAN Controller
- (2) MCP55P integrated MAC w/ (2) Marvell 88E1116 single port GbE PHY (TBE)
- Integrated TCP offload Engine (TOE)
- IEEE802.3 compliant, WOL/PXE support

- AMI BIOS 8Mbit Flash
- Supports  ACPI 2.0
- PnP, DMI2.0, WfM2.0 Power management (S1,S4,S5 support)

Chassis Features:

- Industry 19" rack-mountable 1U chassis: (1) slim DVD-ROM bay; (4) 3.5" HDD bays
- Dimension: 25.4" x 17.2" x 1.72" (645mm x 436mm x 43.5mm)

Power Supply
- EPS 12V 1U, 600W

Front Panel Features
- I/O: (2) USB 2.0 ports
- LED indicators: HDD Active, power, (2) LAN, ID, sys. warning
- Switch: power, reset, NMI, ID

Back I/O Ports
- Stacked PS/2 Mouse & Keyboard ports
- (1) double-decked USB2.0 ports
- (1) COM1 connector
- (1) 15-pin VGA port
- (2) side-by-side RJ45 10/100/1000 Base-T port with link/activity LED

- Hard Disk Drives: support (4) SATA-II storages w/ RAID 0, 1, 0+1,5, JBOD
- (4) CPU passive heatsinks

Integrated Storage Controller
- (4) SATA-II ports support running at 3.0Gb/s, by MCP55P

System Cooling
- (3) 40*40*56mm & (2) 40*40*28mm system fans
- (4) Passive CPU heatsinks