Tyan Transport GX21 B5350 Barebones Server

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Tyan Transport GX21 B5350 Barebones Server

For high-density computing, and high-performance applications, the Transport GX21 (B5350) offers everything needed to develop your next rackmount infrastructure project. Supporting up to two Intel® Xeon™ "Nocona" processors with EM64T and using the Intel E7320 ("Lindenhurst-VS") chipset, the B5350 also provides (2) hot-swap Serial ATA hard disk drive bays, auto fan speed control, supports up to 16GB of DDR333 Registered memory with ECC, all within a 21.5" depth chassis. Other integrated features include dual Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports with WOL and ASF 2.0, and a single 64-bit, 66MHz PCI-X expansion slot on riser. An EPS12V, 500W PFC power supply is provided to ensure the maximum amount of power will be supplied for any system configuration.


- TYAN Tiger i7320 (S5350) system board
- Form Factor: ATX footprint (10.2" x 12")

- Dual mPGA604 pin ZIF sockets
- Up to two Intel® Xeon™ processors (Nocona)
- Supports 800MHz FSB

- Intel® Lindenhurst-VS (E7320) MCH
- Intel® Hance Rapids (6300ESB) South Bridge
- SMSC DME1737 LPC I/O chip
- Analog Devices ADM1027 (or EMC6D102); Hardware Monitoring IC

- Dual channels, (8) DIMM sockets
- Support up to (6) DDR-333 or (8) DDR-266
- Support up to 16 Gigabyte Registered DDR
- Support ECC type memory modules

- (1) 64-bit/66MHz PCI-X slot on riser card (Riser card model: M2033-GX)

Integrated Storage Controller
- Dual channel IDE (CD-ROM)
- Integrated Serial ATA (6300ESB)
- Supports 2 ports SATA, RAID 0, 1

Integrated PCI Graphics
- ATI® RAGE™ XL PCI graphics controller
- 8MB Frame Buffer of video memory

- (2) Gigabit Ethernet ports (Broadcom BCM5721; PCI-E GbE LAN controller connected MCH), with teaming feature support

Server Management
- System fan speed control; chassis intrusion alert
- Support Tyan Server Management (TSM)

- Phoenix 8Mbit LPC Flash ROM
- Supports ACPI 1.0b & APM 1.2
- PnP, DMI2.0, WfM2.0; Power Management