Panasonic ES8228S Shaver

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Panasonic ES8228S Shaver

Nano Technology Delivers the Sharpest Blades
Panasonic delivers the sharpest blades for precise and accurate shaving, now with Nano Technology. While conventional shavers offer a range of 45° to 90° blades, this Vortex shaver comes with the sharpest blade angle at 30° — great for precision cutting. Nano Technology was also used to polish the industry's sharpest 30° blades to achieve even better cutting performance.

Pivot Action Shaving System for a More Comfortable Shave
Our top-of-the-line shavers feature an adjustable pivoting head for a more comfortable shave. The pivoting head rocks up and down, and back and forth, to follow the contours of your face. You can even adjust the amount of pivot based on your preference with the Pivot Action Selector. Now you can get the maximum comfort and support that you need for a clean, close shave.

Linear Motor Offers a Frictionless Shave
The Linear Motor provides a powerful, comfortable shave on even the toughest beards.

Our patented Linear motor offers a frictionless, clean shave. At 13,000 RPMs, it's one of the fastest razors on the market and powers effortlessly through even the thickest beards for less pulling and irritation while shaving. Not only does this shaver perform well, it is also a work of art. Wood and gold colored accents are utilized to highlight the shaver's ergonomic design, while the chrome colored cleaning/charging base is elegant enough to be left out on the vanity.

Shave Wet or Dry
Panasonic technology allows your shaver to be fully immersible in water for a great shave in or out of the shower. You can shave wet with lather or dry for a quick trim. When you're done shaving, simply rinse clean under water, click the Vortex into the HydraClean™ dock, and your razor will be ready the next morning.

HydraClean™ Hygienic Cleaning System
There's nothing worse than a messy razor. The powerful and intelligent HydraClean Hygienic Cleaning System includes automatic charge, clean and dry functions, while refreshing the shaver for its next use. All these functions can be used together or independently. Included in the drying feature is a heating element for an extra dry shaving head, leaving no wetness or moisture behind. The cleaning base will heat dry the entire shaver head and then fan dry any leftover moisture. This system uses a water/ detergent-infused cleansing process instead of alcohol for safe effective cleaning of the razor that will remove any and all debris.

Adjustable Pivot Action Head: Yes
Motor Speed: 13,000 RPM
60° Inner Blades: No
30-Degree Angle Inner Blade: Yes
HydraCleanTM System: Yes
Patented High Speed Linear Motor: Yes
Turbo Cleaning Mode: Yes
Floating Triple Blade System: Yes
Number of Heads: Three
Charging Time: 1 hour
5-Minute Quick Charge: Yes
Wet/Dry: Yes
Washable (Rinses Clean): Yes
Full Width Trimmer: No
Pop-up Trimmer: Yes
Power Source: AC 100-240V
Charging System: Cord & Charging Base
Automatic Voltage Conversion: Yes
Shaves per Charge: Approx. 14 Shaves
Induction Charger: No
LCD/LED Battery Monitor: 10 Stage
Low Battery Indicator: No
Counter Directional Inner Blades: Yes
Center Slit Blade: Yes
Stainless Steel Foil: Yes
Replacement Foil: WES9087PC
Replacement Blade: WES9068PC
Replacement Set: WES9013PC
Accessories: Travel Pouch, AC Recharger
New Curve Design: Yes
Ultra-thin Stainless Steel Foil: Yes
Precisely Angled Inner Blades: Yes