Philips HP6364 Bikini Perfect Shaver

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Philips HP6364 Bikini Perfect Shaver

With just one product you have the flexibility to get a result of your choice! Neatly trim, smoothly shave, evenly shape and contour the bikini area. It even gives you the option to remove hairs from the root for long lasting smoothness!

Protective guard for neatly cutting hair
Cut hair as close as you wish. Slides up and down 4 positions for that perfect length.

Precision trimmer for even shaping and contouring
For even shaping and contouring the bikini area

Mini hypo allergenic shaving head for easy and quick shaving
For easy and quick shaving

Mini epilation head
Gently removes hair by the root for long lasting smooth results.


Colour: Champagne with plum accents
Cutting unit: Stainless steel 21 mm width
Adjustable guard: 4 hair length settings; Hair length: 2-9.5 mm
Mini shaving head: Hypo-allergenic foil with one pre-trimmer
Mini epilation head: Number of discs: 9

Technical specifications
Motor: Mabuchi FF180 SH3827 DV
Power Source: Rechargeable
Battery: Sanyo KR-3UV 600mAh AA NiCd (1,2V)
Charging time: 12 hours
Operating time: At least 30 min
Plug-in adapter: Cord length: 1 m , Sec: 2,3 V / 100mA

Logistic data
Pallet size: EU: 204x120x80 (HxWxD) , GB: 204x120x100 (HxWxD) cm
Pallet quantity: EU: 456 , GB: 600 pcs

Weight and dimensions
F-Box dimensions: 240x180x83 (HxWxD) mm
F-box weight: 0.435
A-box dimensions: 475x250x19 (HxWxD) mm
A-box weight: 2,81 g
Number of F-boxes per A-box: 6