Alpine SPX-13REF Component 2-Way Speaker System

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Alpine SPX-13REF Component 2-Way Speaker System

The Type-X REF speaker was built with Alpine's commitment to speaker performance and design in mind. The Type-X REF speakers have been engineered to deliver exceptional sound at an affordable price. They utilize advanced technologies and exotic materials for excellent sound quality with exceptional accuracy. This means you get to hear stunning musical detail, amazing lifelike sound, and incredible imaging. With Type-X REF speakers, Alpine gives you a true sound experience in the automotive environment.


* Tweeter Type: Smooth, 1'' Ring Tweeter with Tuned Chamber
* Mounting Design: 53/64'' Depth Mounting Design (with cup)
* Application Type / Design Detail: External / Swivel Tweeter Mounting Kit
* Magnet Material: Low Disortion Triple-Stack Neodymium Motor Structure

* Dustcap Detail: Aluminum Cone
* Cone Material: Cross-Rib Aluminum Cone with VC & Surround Coupling Reinforced
* Motor Technology: Heat Transfer Motor/Frame Coupling
* Voice Coil Type: High Temp VC CCAW Wire on 39mm Aluminum Former
* Cooling: Airflow Management
* Magnet: High Grade Neodymium Magnet
* Mounting: Shallow Mounting Design
* Frame: Machined Low-Carbon Steel U-Yoke

Crossover Network
* Grade: Expert Grade Network
* Case Design: Audiophile Layout
* Attenuation Control: 4 - Level
* Mounting: Easy-Mount Screw Terminals


Power Handling
* CEA-2031 Power Rating: 60 Watts
* Power Handling Capacity (RMS): 60 Watts
* Power Handling Capacity (Peak): 180 Watts

* Tweeter Mounting Diameter (mm): 36mm
* Tweeter Mounting Diameter (in): 1-13/32''
* Tweeter Mounting Depth (mm): 16mm
* Tweeter Mounting Depth (in): 5/8''
* Woofer Diameter (mm): 130mm
* Woofer Diameter (in): 5-7/64''
* Woofer Mounting Diameter (mm): 115mm
* Woofer Mounting Diameter (in): 4-17/32''
* Woofer Mounting Depth (mm): 60.5mm
* Woofer Mounting Depth (in): 2-1/4''
* Crossover Size (mm): 146mm x 91mm x 34mm
* Crossover Size (in): 5-3/4'' x 3-37/64'' x 1-11/32''

* Frequency Response: 40Hz - 40kHz
* Impedence: 3.6 Ohms
* Sensitivity: 88dB /W(1m)

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