Alpine SWS-1023D Subwoofer

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Alpine SWS-1023D Subwoofer

Bass for your Space.
Want great performance from a sub that won't take up that much room? The new Alpine Type-S subwoofers feature a shallow mounting depth design, so you can get tight accurate bass in smaller spaces. An advanced airflow system including a stamped steel basket design with leg venting cooling keeps the bass going while keeping your sub cooler. Round out your system with the Type-S sub, and V-Power amplifier for the best match in performance.


* Material: Glass Fiber with Kevlar Reinforced Pulp Fiber
* Design: 1-Piece Parabolic

* Material: Injected Molded Santoprene
* Design: High Excursion Tapered Half-Roll

* Material: Nomex
* Design: Progressive

Voice Coil
* Material: 180C High Temp Wire on Glass Fiber (TIL) Former
* Design: 4-Layer Dual Voice Coil

Motor Structure
* Pole Geometry: Compound Radius Curve (Patent #6,639,993)
* Configuration: Airflow Optimized Extended/Vented Pole

* Material: Custom High Strength Steel
* Design: Perimeter Vented (Patent Pending)

* Layout: One Side
* Design: Heavy Duty 8 gauge Push, Banana Plug Jumper

Tinsel Leads
* Design: Reinforced Layer Spider Integration (Patent #6,810,988)

* Design: Concealed Mount Gasket System


Power Handling
* Power Range: 50 - 300 Watts
* RMS Power Handling: 300 Watts
* Peak Power Handling: 900 Watts

* Mounting Depth: 110 mm (4.3'')
* Mounting Diameter: 244 mm (9'')
* Displacement: 0.050 cu. ft. (Front Mount)
* Added Volume: 0.055 cu. ft. (Reverse Mount, Magnet Out)

* Frequency Response: 30Hz - 700Hz

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