Altec Lansing Orbit-MP3 Speaker

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Altec Lansing Orbit-MP3 Speaker

The palm-sized, lightweight Orbit-MP3 speaker system is an ideal iPod or MP3 player companion when you want a break from headphones. Or slip it out of a pocket or purse for an attention-getting way to share your tunes anytime, anywhere. The full-bodied, 360-degree sound will make your friends wonder where the speakers are. And with its long battery life, the music keeps playing long into the night.

Ultra-portable speaker system for iPod and other MP3 players

Sound clarity with depth
Excellent musicality is powered by acoustic tayloring.

360-degree sound field
Integrates a cone design with a custom-built Altec Lansing speaker to project sound in all directions.

Long battery life
Plays for up to 24 hours on 3 AAA batteries.

The rugged Orbit is durable enough for the most intrepid traveler.

Personal configuration
Place the Orbit on its edge for directed, more personal listening.