Bose 251 Outdoor Expansion Package

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Bose 251 Outdoor Expansion Package

251® outdoor expansion package

* Our best wall-mount outdoor speakers bring Lifestyle® performance to the patio, pool or deck
* Extremely wide sound field for larger outdoor areas
* Lifestyle® SA-3 amplifier provides power to 251 speakers
* Includes Personal® music center II for independent audio control in second listening area

The Bose® 251 speakers/SA-3 amplifier package is the most popular way to expand your Lifestyle® system outdoors. Enjoy premium sound from speakers that are elegantly designed, yet durable enough to withstand harsh weather.

Our 251 speakers use an Articulated Array® speaker design to produce an extremely wide sound field. Each outside speaker cabinet houses two drivers set at precise angles so you experience consistent stereo effects as you move around outdoors. And the unique multi-chambered design of the Bose 251 exterior speaker cabinet minimizes audible distortion from low frequencies, for sound with clear, natural impact.

This outdoor expansion package comes with the most advanced Bose remote control, the interactive Personal® music center II. This remote controls your Lifestyle® system, as well as most commonly attached components. If you own a Lifestyle® 48 or 38 system, it also gives you access to all the benefits of the uMusic® system. A backlit LCD screen provides a variety of system information, including title, track, artist and genre of any selection from your stored music. And it works through walls and floors, so you have access to your Lifestyle® system from almost anywhere around the house.

This package is also compatible with the Bose link AL8 homewide wireless audio link. So you can enjoy music wherever you listen outside, without wiring between the main room and the room your amplifier is stationed.

Compatible products

* All Lifestyle® systems
* Bose® link AL8 wireless homewide audio link
* Bose® link AR1 wireless audio receiver