Bose Auditioner Playback System

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Bose Auditioner Playback System

The Auditioner® playback system enables sound designers to hear a system as it will sound in a specific facility before any equipment is installed, or before construction or renovation is complete.

The Auditioner playback system allows designers and their customers to compare the sound of different system designs and to modify each design to achieve the best results for their venues. Listeners can even hear how a system will sound from any seat in the facility.

Auditioner® System Technology

In the past, the only way to accurately judge a sound system's performance was to listen after it was fully installed. Only after the entire renovation or construction process was complete could you hear the real sound for the first time. Then it was too late for any meaningful change.

Now, Auditioner® system technology makes it possible to actually hear and judge for yourself the precise sound you'll have in a building. And you can do it before a single piece of audio equipment is installed.

Auditioner technology allows sound designers and consultants to work iteratively with customers to factor in numerous variables, reposition speakers, try experimental solutions and make the necessary changes and improvements before a single piece of equipment is installed. You can even do all that before construction or renovation begins.

Modeler® Sound System Software Technology

Modeler® Sound System Software is a sophisticated, predictive analysis program that can determine the preferred configuration and location of speaker systems in existing venues or from blueprints.

Sound designers and consultants use this technology to carefully create an acoustical model of the facility, ensuring the design reduces unwanted echoes, excessive reverberation, and acoustic hot and cold spots.

Modeler® software output can be exported to the Auditioner® playback system, allowing designers and clients to actually hear how the proposed system will sound.