Bose ControlSpace ESP-88 System

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Bose ControlSpace ESP-88 System

Recent enhancements for the performance you want, including Automatic Microphone Mixing and Surround Sound Decoder Input Card.

Recent Enhancements

* Automatic Microphone Mixing: provides gating, priority, and NOM attenuation for sound reinforcement systems using multiple active microphone inputs
* Surround Sound Decoder Input Card: optional expansion card which decodes Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM audio formats, eliminating the need for an external decoder and integrating all the audio processing within the ESP-88
* Expanded serial protocol: Allows the ESP-88 to be more easily integrated in installations requiring audio, video, lighting, and other controls using Crestron, AMX, or other third party devices

Key Features and Functions

* Password protection prevents unauthorized access to the system
* IP addressability enables the ControlSpace system to use and share IT networks with other products
* Expandable and flexible cardframe architecture
* Eight mic/line analog audio input channels
* Eight line level analog audio output channels
* Four open audio expansion slots allow up to 32 analog audio channels in 2U chassis
* DSP expansion slot allows DSP processing power and delay times to increase fourfold
* Eight general purpose control inputs and eight general purpose control outputs (GPIO)
* GPIO expansion slot allows up to 16 control inputs and 16 control outputs
* All audio input and output channels feature tricolor level LEDs
* Design, control and configuration via PC based software and Ethernet connection
* Large set of signal processing modules including: Bose speaker EQs, Bose crossovers, graphic and parametric EQs, routers, delays, matrix mixers, signal generators, meters, compressors/limiters, duckers, automatic gain controls, gate and source selectors

Engineered Sound Processor

The Bose® ControlSpace ESP-88 engineered sound processor is a flexible, expandable and high quality audio signal processor for engineered sound applications such as houses of worship, theaters, auditoriums and sports venues. The base model (ESP-88) includes eight inputs (microphone or line-level selectable) and eight line-level outputs. Four available audio slots allow the addition of up to 16 more analog audio channels - inputs, outputs or a combination - or up to 32 more digital audio channels (AES3) as inputs, outputs or a combination. For large applications, multiple ESP-88s can be used per system. Multiple choices of user controllers are available to provide end users with simple, easy-to-use control of their ControlSpace system.

Expansion Cards

Add any combination of 10 expansion cards to increase the number of audio inputs and outputs. Adding the ControlSpace DSP expansion card increases DSP processing fourfold.